Chris Ryan talks bout the 2 low points in the golf swing and how understanding these concepts can really help you strike your clubs better from the ground.

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  1. Very interesting and well explained. Probably the way to go for me as I’ve just been catching a few iron shots a little fat. Thanks, Chris.

  2. Another good tip, I will be working on this on my next visit to the range. I played yesterday and I was doing what you have showing us right now, my iron play is usually good but had one of those days.

  3. Struggled at the range yesterday. Perfect timing for this lesson. Was hitting both fat and thin shots. Looks like I need to go again. Thanks Mr. Ryan!!

  4. I thought I was bending the elbow, maybe the club has been too high. Thanks Chris

  5. Great analysis. I struggle with hitting thin shots. I hope to try this at the range.