This weeks impact show shows 5 biggest mistakes that beginner and experienced golfers make in their golf swing with a simple fix for each mistake.


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  1. Have recently implemented the K-Bomb position off the tee, guess what, no more high vicious slices! And finished just short of the longest drive at a recent society day to boot, not bad for a 25 handicap. It has completely removed my fear of the driver. That longest drive prize will be mine soon I reckon.

  2. I am definitely a person who has trouble with my hand position. I feel as though its due to watching or reading too many different opinions. You used a driver as an example and so does this also apply to irons? Great video though guys, Took a look of info from this and will be looking at any of these mistakes at my next range visit.

  3. I think my problem is I bounce during my swing meaning I often take a divot just before the ball, even if I connect it takes the sting out of my irons. Is there a drill I could do to stop that bounce in my legs?

  4. I would first like to thank you guys for inspiring me to create my own you tube channel. you guys are an inspiration. Thank you so much for all that you do to the game of golf.

  5. definitely guilty of the interlock grip issue. will work on that. question….does the size of the grip matter?

  6. Guys, first off thank you so much for what you both do. I have been playing for only two years but have watched almost every one of your videos you put up. I am playing at a 20 handicap and I take lessons here locally in Arkansas. I know you all have done several videos regarding rotation through the swing in the past but I am still struggling with getting my hips around through the downswing. I have the nasty habit of shifting weight towards both the ball (sometimes) and the target trying to get my body rotating fully. As a result my club face is left open through impact and I send my shots out to the right. Do you guys have any drills that might help with isolating the rotation through the downswing without the dramatic shifting of the hips I wrote about above? Thanks again for all the help!

  7. I find the only way I can draw the driver is to place the ball slightly more toward the middle of my stance. Why would that be? PS I always make sure I have reverse tilt at address, no matter the ball position.

  8. I was on the tee about to play my shot the other day and my mate says "There's some shit on the end of your club" I look down to the head of my club to clean it and he goes "wrong end dickhead!"
    I make a couple of these mistakes so he's probably right 🙂

  9. Great video again guys. Is it possible for you guys to make a video on ball lies. As a 16 handicap I struggle a lot when it comes to shots where my feet are above or below the ball. Even off the fairway if I'm standing at an angle I end up hitting way left or way right of target.

  10. I have been having all sorts of problems after picking up my golf clubs for the first time in years. I hadn't been "playing" for long previously so had forgotten some basic principles and was starting to get disillusioned. I think I'm guilty of all 5! I'm going to range to practice and let you know how I get on. Thanks guys. PS I love the rapport you guys have. You're the Ant & Dec of Vlogging. Keep it up.

  11. Well that's 5 out of 5 for me! God, I have to start all over again luckily I only started a few weeks ago!

  12. Tip 5 has fixed every issue with my drive! I did not realize how rotated my back shoulder was and how it was causing the change in attack angle producing the high slice! Thank you! keep up the great videos

  13. Hi boys I'd just like to say a very big thankyou I was on the verge of giving up the game,until I saw your advice on how to grip the club I put what you said into practice and the change is unbelievable thankyou again ⛳️????????????

  14. Ive just had a few lessons and the first thing the PGA professional said was to keep my head still , I'm going to try going back to moving a bit but to use everything else he taught me and see if it helps, I will keep you posted.

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