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This is the first part in the new Be Better Golf spotlight series called Outside In (working title, let me know if you have a better one). Where I give a forum for interesting voices in golf to present their ideas on BBG.

This is Tony Luczak, a golf coach in Mississippi that teaches 2014 world long drive champion Jeff Flagg. Tony teaches a method that essentially eliminates any lower body action in transition and argues that you should not fire the lower body first.

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  1. Two guys that have been PGA teachers of the year recently (2009 & 2011 I think) teach the same ideas: Mike Bender and Mike Malaska. I agree that this should be the focus for most players,i.e. swing the club with the hands and arms and let the body anticipate and react to this motion. But these two guys having recently been voted PGA Instructors of the year shows us that this concept isn't as far outside the mainstream as you might think. Joe Hallet, Stacey Lewis' instructor is another one.

  2. Hi my name is Bryan and I have started watching your videos recently and really like them. I was wondering if you could help me. This is my second year in golf and this year I got new clubs, but now I have a problem with topping the ball. I have a good swing but my lack of making good contact is holding me back. If you have any ideas I would very much appreciate it.

  3. Great video series. This is a huge key that golfers are missing. I know Tony speaks of an underhanded right arm throw but there is another move to achieve tremendous power. Left forearm rotation. Many people who try to swing their arms faster hit crazy pushes and blocks(for several reasons..1. overactive hips and arms dragging 2. not letting the left arm rotate after impact) I 100% agree with his swing concept about the arms getting ahead of the body. I heard it put very well in that the body FLOWS behind the shot. I am just saying that as a lefty who plays right I love to supinate(rotate) my left arm for power and accuracy. The compression will amaze you!

  4. Not to be a pain, but maybe "Reactive Golf" would be better than "Reactionary Golf" (unless of course you really mean "old-school" style).

    Regardless, I'm someone with a tremendous hit impulse who is also ball-bound, I'll try ANYTHING at this point.

  5. Manuel de la Torre taught a "reactive" swing for decades and is a World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame inductee. Check out his book, Understanding the Golf Swing.

  6. l just sign up but l have watching your swing  after l bought or sign up for the "Source of Power" videos and your golf swing seems a lot easier for me as a senior golfer. l do hope l am right. Thank you.

  7. Your latest swing, that is quite good, inherit a lot from Stack and Tilt…tilting, inclination to ground, pushing the butt… Why dont you make some vids comparing that with.

  8. I totally agree that spinning the hips will create an over the top and out of sync swing. I like the idea of the underhand throw. Almost like you're skipping a stone on water. If you think of it this way, you're more likely to swing the club naturally and also out towards the target. So, I don't think you would even need to try and sequence anything…your body would simply react to something it already knows how to do.

  9. I know this was a year ago so, knowing how golf instruction goes, this guy may have changed his methods but just in case…he needs to read into using ground forces. Spinning out does generate power look at Koepka. Try to tell that guy not to spin and he loses distance. Also pushing off of the group and lateral shift timed correctly generate power, Best example of someone who uses a mix of all three is Justin Rose.

    Depending on what your student is trying to achieve and how they naturally swing you can achieve extra Club head speed by focusing on the timing of or increasing one or more of these factors.

  10. Using people who spin out their hips as evidence as to why using the hips to power the golf swing is wrong is fallacious logic – you're using people who swing incorrectly to prove your theory. That's stupid. People who spin out and come over the top as you describe do so because they're not transferring their weight left (for right-handers) as or before they turn their hips in the downswing. Many, many pro tour golfers accomplish a sound and powerful golf swing by allowing the weight transfer and turn of the hips to lead and power their upper body and arms. And as for not having "a magical muscle that goes from our ankle to our arm", gravity has forged the human body through evolution to work in a kinetic chain – try throwing a stone as far as you can by removing the first half of that kinetic chain of movement i.e. the lower body. I'll out-throw you every time 😉

  11. Nope, Just watch videos on Bobby Jones, Jones took the club back under the shoulder plane and then at the top the shaft crossed the line (sort of like Daly), and this is how you generate POWER, my friends. So, swing like Bobby Jones, and the ball goes straight too.

  12. Rory clearly start the downswing with the lower body not the the arms, as did tiger, jack and most the tour players. why I teach lower body people use arms starting down come over the top

  13. Hip rotation in golf is necessary but over exaggerated move ! The hips turn even when the hands make the move first! There is no way you can get total power till you clear your hips how so ever little it might be ! If u r armsy so be it let others be hipsy! You dont turnnur hips when u put do u ? ………Novice pro golfer!

  14. What kind of instructor teaches that you are supposed to drive with the hips in the downswing???…..

    Isn't no wonder your swing was so out sequence and inconsistent.

    I have Havey Penicks wisdom of golf, which is over 350 pages long, and not once does he describe the using of the hips to drive the downswing…

  15. "You will read and hear many complex instructions about the turn…coiling the torso and shoulders against the tension of the hips, for example….but not from me".

    "I have seen a lot of players who are so concerned with their hip turn they forget that swinging the golf club is the main point. Just remember the turn is a natural movement of the body, and your bones are connected from the ground up"…..

    Harvey Penick…pgs: 85-86…"The Wisdom of Harvey Penick"

    Harvey says it right there, in plain English……Stay clear away from instructors, and modern swing theory that teaches the use of the hips to drive the downswing. And, that the Downswing starts from the ground up….