The Balanced Golf Swing

In virtually every sport where large forces are applied to move an object you will be required to manage your body motion by being balanced.
If you struggle to maintain your balance during your golf swing when you strike a golf ball then this golf instruction video by PGA golf teaching professional Lawrie Montague from www.GolfConfidence.Org will show you how to swing your golf club and retain perfect balance leading to longer, straighter and far more consistent golf shots.

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  1. Thank you and I hope it helps you to achieve a consistent balanced state when you're hitting golf shots.

  2. At address, suppose you are hitting a five iron. The ball goes one or two ball diameters forward of the center of your stance. At setup, do you put the club face in the middle of your stance, one or two diameters behind the ball, or do you place the club in back of the ball, which is forward of center. Thanks in advance.

  3. That's a great question.
    In my experience the ball is positioned so that the rear of the ball is in the middle of the stance.
    In other words, the leading edge is positioned directly opposite center.
    This however can never be the rule for every golfer as ball position is really influenced by the low point of the swing arc so some golfer may have the ball slightly forward or even back of center.
    Thanks for your great question and good luck with your game.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoy the videos. Good luck with your game and thanks for sharing your comments.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and I appreciate the feedback. Best of luck to you and your golf.

  6. Thanks for the tips. This is the first video I've watched that explained why I was stepping forward after my swing. Now I know what to try to correct. Thanks!

  7. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the video and gained some insights into your balance problem. Best of luck with your golf and thanks for commenting.

  8. I try to come back and watch your videos before I play as a refresher to improve my game and strengthen my fundamentals. I try to mimic what you do with the rear hip. I am left handed so I say front and rear. I think it makes my knee action better. Thanks for simplifying the golf swing for me.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and I'm really glad that you use my videos as refreshers as that was always my intention. Best of luck with your golf this season and thanks again for sharing your comments.

  10. i do tend not to finish all the way facing the front, instead it feels like a 45° half turn. On the occasions that I do turn fully facing the target I feel I've hit the ball better. Great Video

  11. An old golf instructor that I worked with many years ago would remind his students that "one good turn deserves another" He was reminding every one of his students to turn freely back and through to a full finish. Keep working on your finish and you'll make much better swings.
    Thanks again for sharing your comments.

  12. Best golf video ever. I watch it often. When I got this I quit the fat shots. How tight should the elbows, or arms be?

  13. You need just enough pressure to keep them straight – though not stiff. Tight muscles are short muscles that restrict motion and inhibit balance. I hope that answers your question and best of luck with your golf.

  14. This is a great video.  On the backswing as my arms are thrown back the weight sometimes causes me sway over to the right side.  To counter balance the weight of the arms, I step into the toes of my left foot just as my arms are moving back.  Then on the downswing weight is shifted it to the heel of the left foot.  Does this move seem like an appropriate move.

  15. OK  I got it, finally a very understandable method of balance…thank you…this is perhaps the easiest method explained on utube golf. the best players even get a refresher course.thanks

  16. What a creative and constructive way to "explain" balance when swinging! Wish I were located more friendly to you as I would ask for a "fix up" lessens instantly! Am located in Arizona and Chicago! If ever traveling that direction, let me know! Thanks again!

  17. Thanks. Allows you to rotate much more confidently and keeps the potential energy maximum at the point of striking the ball…Easy Pesy.

  18. This is a fantastic explanation on the dynamics of body movement through the entire swing sequence. Mr. Montague has taken this most complex task and simplified it.

    The follow-thru tells all. If you're not in balance over your feet, facing the target, then, you're in all likelihood, still
    "ball-bound" (as opposed to target-bound) as your focus.

    I'm convinced that "golfconfidencepro" is the best series of golf instructional videos on youtube!

  19. This is a fine explanation of why I have a steep golf swing and the effects of it resulting in a steep path after impact while falling back. People often say I am lifting up but this video suggesting that my V shaped swing with the quick pickup after impact and falling back is really what is happening.