The best golf hybrids 2018 | Mid handicap testing

If you’re struggling with your long irons maybe it’s time to bag a new hybrid. Equipment editor James Savage runs down 10 of the best models…

Which are the best hybrids on the market in 2018?
Which are the best golf hybrids 2018?

We’ve tested out all the models on the market and have put together this list to help you find the one which may suit your game.

We would definitely recommend carrying at least one and if you can get fitted properly then you’ll be able tro get the best out of it.

Some people like to hit a hybrid like an iron – most professionals will tell you that is the best way to use them.

But some people prefer to sweep them away more like a fairway wood.

Either way, there’s plenty on the market to choose from.

All these models featured were tested with a 19˚ head and all achieved the 200 yards carry we were looking for.

We’ve been testing these out on Trackman 4, GC Quad and SkyTrack launch monitors over the past few months.

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  1. I’ve never liked hybrids but struggling for consistency with my 2 iron so may have to bite the bullet and find a hybrid I can hit

  2. My vote goes to the Cobra F8 hybrid. I picked up the one length version and it is so easy to hit that it is almost not fair.

  3. Tell us which hybrids you use. And if you don’t use one, tell us why not!

  4. Currently rock a g400-22 and this thing is great.. Still have an older cobra amp cell hybrid as well

  5. Ok I’ve never used one but have just been fitted to a 19 degree Rouge looking forward to seeing how we get along had full bag fitting still waiting on them to turn up

  6. I’ve taken five wood out of my original bag forgot to mention that’s the reason I never used one cheers

  7. you’re talking about hybrids but some of your swing clips show you swinging a driver???

  8. I was able to play with both the G400 and the CLK. Was pleasantly surprised with both of them…high and straight. My current M1 sometimes leaked too much to the left. Thus feeling like I had to aim a little to the right for mistakes.