The Best Golf Swing Drill to Eliminate a Slice!

Developed and owned by PGA Professional Brad Patterson, Head Professional/Director of Instruction Foxfire Golf Club, Baldwinsville, NY; 2011 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year; 2011 President’s Plaque Award Winner; 2013, 2012 Top 50 in the US Growth of the Game Teaching Pros; 2013-2014 Golf Digest Nominated Best Teachers in New York; 2013 PGA Certified – Instruction; 2013 PGA Certified – Player Development (One of only 4 PGA Pros to hold both designations). This drill has a 100% success rate of curing a slice, a fade, a push within a couple of minutes.

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  1. Wow. I almost sacked golf off years ago when every 2nd shot was a recovery shot thanks to a crap drive. Paid soooo much money for lessons and nothing got rid of it. Until I watched this video, adjusted my left hand, and maybe loosened my grip a touch. I have just left the practice grounds a happy bunny after CREAMING nearly every drive with slight draw! Something I've never ever been able to do.
    Cheers for the advice!!

  2. This is unreal. I'm not one to comment much on FB videos and I'm definitely not a paid endorsement but I fixed my slice after seeing this video and immediately going to the driving range. Incredible and thank you!!!

  3. Out of all the drills and instructions ive seen on youtube this drill has single handedly provided the biggest improvement to my golf swing, thank you for posting

  4. Thanks brad. I will try tom. So what if the ball is going far to much to the right? To much release?

  5. Al I can say is this video is AMAZING! I have tried to "play" golf for years, I have paid for lessons on numerous occasions but NOTHING could cure my drives from veering right every time! It has been so bad and so predictable I could point out where my drives would go …right all the time! I gave up on golf because it was not fun, it was a miserable drudgery. I would not go and play with my 3 sons and I felt bad because I was always some what of an athlete. Just recently I decided this is it, I will give golf one last try and I found your video. After practicing in the yard with a half swing as not to hit the ball too far I noticed the ball was going a lot straighter. Today I went to the driving range. I started with my irons because I was still afraid at how awful I would be with the driver. Well, I am impressed! I hit the ball straighter than ever! I was laughing a little because even I could not believe it. I am not saying I am totally cured because some balls veered left, but not ONE went right! I would say 50% of my drives went dead straight! For me that is a 1,000% percent increase! I will go to the range again at least 2 more times before I venture back to the course and hopefully I can enjoy a day out with one of my sons! Thank you very much as I now have hope. I will keep you updated on my progress. If I still lived in NY I would come for some lessons. Again thank you.

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  7. Just watched this drill this morning and now I'm already on my way to the driving range. Thank you very much Brad! I am highly confident that this will fix my slice problem. I enjoyed how you said that too many golfers go for the "pro" power swing, when it's really important to let the club do the work instead. Thanks again. 

  8. This is great!  What I especially like is that that once you've got used to the feeling of the release, the only thing you need to keep in your head is to hit the ball – your body does the rest for you. Today I consistently hit the ball better than ever before!

  9. Shot a 102 on Friday, was hitting a slice every shot.  Watched this video and had to test it out on the links.  Shot a 86 on Saturday and my shots had a nice little fade on them.  Practiced on the tee box and took it right into the swing.  Great drill!

  10. Thanks for this video Brad. This was one of the keys I needed. I keep my back faced as long as I can to the target on the downswing with relaxed hands, and allow the club to release as you show. The drill is vital to anyone who's divots point to the left of target. Can't thank you enough for posting this video!

  11. Thanks so much, Brad.  I spent one week practicing your drill…….The results on the course were AWESOME……Every ball strike was "true and straight"…. I was obviously using a baseball swing enhanced with a Pro "lag" swing….Thanks again..!!!!!!

  12. Damn, I watch this video, hit some wiffle golf balls in my back yard, hit the range the next day and I'm not even slicing anymore. This is honestly all it took, I'm even hitting an occasional draw now which is great, my shots are also further because I'm making solid contact. Even if I do begin to push the ball right as I used to, it's very slight and comes back into play because of the slight draw I'm getting. Thanks Brad

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    is all i can really say. Im still fine tuning this, but you have saved me from throwing my clubs in the lake…again!
    In all honesty its the best bit of golf instruction Ive ever seen. I owe you

  14. Exceptional explanation. I'm a 7 handicap but have never fully trusted releasing the club. Today I did the drill prior to all my swings and controlled the flight under pressure hitting consistent draws. I'm a fan and believe this is better than all the other "myths" out there. I will say that you have to commit to turning the club over and it will not let you down. Great tip!!

  15. Hi Brad, just wondering if this drill works the same for a driver? I have a bad slice with a driver but not my irons. I struggle with topping the ball or digging too low too. Not sure why but its frustrating heh. Can't wait to try out your drills, thanks!!

  16. After seeing all of the comments left in this video about how this drill has made an immediate impact in improving the golf swing, I decided to give it a try. I went to the range a day after watching this video and well..I had the best range session I have ever had. I have only been playing for about 7 months so my swing is very inconsistent. After using this drill tip before hitting a bucket, I felt like a range super star. I was hitting the ball flush and with a slight draw with all my clubs, pitch thru driver. I am looking forward to translating my new improved swing onto the course! Thank you for the tip! Much appreciated!