The Big Changes To My Golf Swing – Quest For The Open

In this video we look at the changes I will be making to my golf swing over the next few months.


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  1. Good stuff Pete. You've always been a good player but I've always noticed how narrow you get at the top of your swing. As you mentioned your takeaway is nice but then you lift your hands vertically, lose the separation from the club to your head (get narrow) and get slightly across the line. I'd like to see your arms and club get further away from your head at the top, more extension of your arms away from your body vs a bigger turn, and the club being slightly laid off if anything.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  2. how your spin numbers are changing with the new swing? any good exercise for this handrotation issue (i want to calm my down as well)

  3. One comment. It looks like your "falling" a bit too much back on your heels on your backswing, which in turn might make it look like you "fall" on top of the ball on your downswing… Just a thought try keeping your weight on the balls/front of your feet at all times – lean abit more forward in your setup!. Its just a thought! Good luck! :)

  4. hi Peter. Did you know that there is a swing analysis of your swing on Bobby Lopez channel "quick fix golf".
    have a look and see what you think.
    By the way, please don't change the swing to much because I am trying to get my swing to look like yours.

  5. Interesting that you and Rick are on different paths (Rick seeking another eye on his swing) towards a similar goal.

  6. Hi guys we are an upcoming youtube channel we will be uploading in the coming weeks so subscribe and let us no what you think!ThanksThe golf vloggers

  7. Have you checked out mike Adams or ea fishers thoughts on what plane your body was built to swing on? Shoulder plane back and forth wouldn't be something you would want to try and correct if it's natural for your body. Check it out if you haven't yet

  8. ha man can you help me out ok so i got a now driver and now i can hit good shoot can you help pleas

  9. Your left arm has a much better position at the top of your backswing as well!
    At the moment I'm playing without any forced wristrotation, however it is really hard for me now to hit a draw with my driver, even with the long irons. Any tips on how to still play with a draw without using your wrist like Dustin Johnson (is my path simply too much out to in, or clubface to open)?

  10. Peter would you consider going to Dan Whittaker like Rick is or do you prefer doing it on your own?

  11. Pete do u think self diagnosis and correction is the best way forward for a) you. b) others.
    I agree a more shallow divot makes sense (and might save ur wrist from any future mishap.
    But considering u do hit the ball further than most do u not think switching to a fade might in the longer term allow better control and consistency?
    It will be interesting to watch as it progresses (hopefully ????)

  12. Hi Pete. All good, everyone looks at their swing for more consistency (and they should strive for more consistency), however when you break down your scores, on reasonably short courses, I have to ask the obvious question…..why aren't you getting up and down from 120 yards more often? Your par 5 scoring isn't very good and that isn't a swing flaw, it's a 120yards and in problem. You seem to putt quite well, and although your green hit percentages are 66% plus, clearly from wedge distances you mustn't be giving yourself enough realistic birdie opportunities. All good to rectify some swing problems, but you may wanna think about working out better distances with your wedge game, such as clock face distances with each wedge and use your mental game to make sure you put the ball in those positions. Everyone should always work towards a better more consistent swing, but don't overlook the real issues to reducing your scores. Hitting an extra green or two per round is great, but putting a

  13. ……game together where you put more shots inside 120 yards inside realistic birdie range will lower scores more consistently than hitting that extra green or two.
    The best pros make getting up and down from inside 120 yards seem almost routine……well at least they give themselves realistic opportunities to make those birdies. To all players……your swing can only fix so much, you have to analyse your own game realistically and really work on your weakness. All players will benefit from a much better game from inside 120 yards.