The Biggest Mistake in Golf and How To Fix it FAST!

How do you take your hands out of the golf swing? In this video I show you how to fix the biggest mistake in golf, using your hands way too much. Your hands should be for feel not rotating the club open and closed. Get in that bad habit and you will see all kinds of slices and hooks that will haunt you every time to step on the golf course.

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  1. Great video!! As a former baseball player in which you must use your wrists and hands in that swing in a baseball swing I was doing the same with my golf swing and realized it after this video…. I’ve watched @wisdomingolf for a while and love his content but never seen this cue just curious your opinion on Shawn Clements?

  2. Hi Matt, Just a follow on. Trail elbow tucked in until after impact, keep turning the body throughout. The lead elbow then seems too tucked in after impact. Is this correct?

  3. My favorite takeawayer isn't a pro (working on it). She is on instagram under thechiaranoja. Watch her, she does it beautifully!…But, my daughter (hs team golfer) has this issue! She turns her hands away from her body and that opens the club face. Then she loops around the top to correct it and comes over the top in the down swing. I have tried a few training aids and drills to help her correct it. So far not working…

  4. nice job on explaining hands in the start of the take away. most people cock their wrists and get the toe up. They don't realize the club face should stay square to the path, so when your club is parallel to the ground on the backswing it actually looks a little closed. When I started playing I was taught toe up to toe up, now we know that line of thought is incorrect and requires too much rotation of the arms and timing to be consistent. I always enjoy your videos.

  5. Bloody hell, I actually spotted it and its something I've only recently been working on and it straight away gave me a draw shot I've never had before! and completely got rid of my slice.

    Thanks for confirming this thou..

    Only just got into your channel and find it very useful.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow! What a difference in consistency. I was definitely guilty of too much hands. Thanks Matt.

  7. Haha I love how u explain everything. I was just about to go to the range and this will now be my focus. Keep up the great work

  8. You should drink a couple of beers, then a couple of tequilas, then a couple of vodkas, then give a lesson… you'd be the internet sensation. 😁