The Correct Downswing Sequence For Your Golf Swing

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In today’s video, Shaun Webb and Mike Granato show you the exact downswing sequence you need for more distance and consistency. Many golfers start their downswings on the wrong foot (literally). That not only robs you of speed but makes moving the club properly nearly impossible. Instead, incorporate this downswing sequence into your swing and enjoy the results.

Here’s the link to Justin Rose’s video explaining what he’s trying to feel and do during the downswing:

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  1. I love you guys but this concept destroys am swings. Tell an am that his lead side should already be moving targetward at left arm parallel in the backswing and watch what happens. You're not the.only instructors to promote this but you must find a better way to communicate this. This is high level stuff and death to amateurs.

  2. So I start my downswing much earlier that I thought. I can feel myself drifting right around P2. Another great video – thanks guys.

  3. Another great video. When the torso is raising and the head is lowering through impact, is that because the butt is moving away from the ball i.e. anti-goat humping?

  4. I’d love to see some true examples of pros teaching this to an amateur and seeing their improvement

  5. I’d also love to see, any regular joe getting from a 22 to a scratch with your guys teaching. Not possible. Good players are naturals. Things like this can’t and shouldn’t be taught. It’s innate to do this.

  6. Thanks guys I'm working it into my swing. Can you do something on wrist angles in the backswing.

  7. when I;m swinging well it feels like when your using a Big ol bull whip before the tip of the whip reaches its max extension the hand has already started moving in the other direction, so the club head is the tip of my whip and my foot movement is the ( hands ) , great video guys.

  8. I’ve heard some instructors describe this dipping motion as the “trampoline” effect. Apparently it’s meant to build momentum. Thoughts??

  9. I think the FEELING of keeping my bak to the target "longer" helps me do all of this without having to think about too many check points.

  10. Quick question guys. If us amateurs get back to our lead side (assuming we actually do, and do it properly!) way too late…..and some pros start back to their lead side at club first parallel on the backswing……..why don't we amateurs just leave "all" / "most" of our pressure on the lead side throughout the swing full stop? And just rotate our chest/arm unit? This sounds very like stack + tilt maybe? Not sure if I'm explaining myself well. Maybe as an "exaggerated feel"….coz we'll always maybe move SOME pressure to our trail side?Thanks!

  11. I agree that there can be multiple things happening at the same. Not only is weight being shifted before the downswing starts but there’s also rotation starting as well. It’s like patting your head with one hand and rubbing your tummy with the other. Geez, it’s no wonder I have trouble chewing gum and playing golf at the same time!!