The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #31 – Grip Equipment – Nate Doss – Valarie Jenkins – Avery Jenkins

Just after completing our play at the 2010 Japan Open we got the full scoop on the latest disc golf equipment that is on the verge of being released. Justin Atwater-Taylor, PDGA#33117, along with his flagship players; Nate Doss, Valarie Jenkins, and Avery Jenkins all discuss why the newest disc golf bag produced by Grip Equipment is the best bag for your money.

Look for The Disc Golf Guy and Lifetime Disc Sports to be a primary distributor of this great bag.

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  1. Gorilla-Boy and Revolution watch out looks like a new high end bag competitor is on the market.

  2. im thinking about it. but i put one on during worlds and it didnt feel as good as everyone tries to make it out to be. idk its also alittle expensive too… idk

  3. wish they woulda shown a close up on the side that rests on your back but it looks sweet… what kind of warranty does it have?

  4. Being a legitimate designer, manufacturer and designer wish you the best of luck.

    The disc golf bag market is niche, highly competitive and cutthroat.
    The mom and pop stores of disc golf all want a 'cheap price' to resell your product.
    It's hard to survive without wholesaling. And beware, of thieves.
    Came out with my bag a few years ago, priced it to meet a not too expensive market where most disc golfers lie. And wham, more bag makers appeared. Fade, Phenix, Gorilla Boy, Nut Sac, Phenix

  5. sounds like UFO's are landing in the background! lol Looks like a great bag for the pro.

  6. the dude that explains the bag looks unconfortable standing there, then he throws doss's coat on the ground. and i always laugh at the guys out there with the stools. very funny

  7. @Culture261 True true, I was just at a course the other day. Afterwards we were all chillin in the parking lot. A few guys had a stool while I sat on the ground lol.

  8. Wow! This looks like the ultimate disc golf bag! I just bought the innova deluxe bag, I wish I would have waited. Maybe I'll buy one down the road when I start doing tournaments. It's out of stock at the moment, and a bit pricey, but heck, maybe I'll get lucky and win one haha. This bag gets me excited even more (If thats possible) about disc golf!

    Can anyone explain how comforatable it is while wearing?