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Kennion Johnson says:

Great set looking forwards to the driver one

James Bradbury says:

Hey Rick, what a great guide you have provided. I'm a bit confused with what I am supposed to do with my wrist on down swing? Many people say I don't use my wrist hence why I don't seem to have power. Can you advise or provide additional guide on wrist action on down swing please? Many thanks James

Steven Hogan says:

Love the Video Rick.

Harrand Sports Performance says:

Well informed, easy to understand and likable. Nice job.

Sean Fonteyn says:

only thing you didn't hit so much is trying to keep hands in front of the ball at impact to create positive shaft angle.

Sum Choi says:

Hi Rick, can you do a video on chipping when the pin is only 10 yards away?

Jesse Northcutt says:

These are great videos Rick! Your method and style is pretty much in sync with my instructor here. I think I've been overcompensating for some things and you are clarifying a few points I need to improve on. Thanks so much for these basics! Covering the fundamentals is always important!

Anthony Parker says:

I like your video. A question; this sounds strange to me but I can't seem to hit the ground. I hit mostly topping. I have a hard time hitting the ground without all my concentration to hit the ground. Any idea's?

Joe Case says:

Thanks so much for this series Rick!! Really enjoyed it, and know it will help my game by giving me some things I've honestly forgotten about. I look forward to your doing a Complete Driver Series!
All the best from Nashville TN!

Thomas Palmer says:

Moving weight to the left and then turning thru is a difficult….most golfers either sway their entire body forward or just unwind. Can not think of a lot in a .4 sec downswing. Saying what to do is easier than explaining how…..can you suggest any swing thoughts to eliminate the sway forward or early rotation…something, you keep in mind at set up to drive the motion. Best Regards, Tom

Dom Louis says:

This was perfect. Can't wait for the driver video.

Zelda E says:

Can u all sub to me my channel is jdwgaming173w plz

Steven Mclean says:

great work as per usual. keep up the great content

David Crowe says:

I wish you were in my area . I would be taking lesson daily from you . I have watch all your video . You break down the swing steps so easy . Keep up the great work .

Golfer Dude 323 says:

Hey Rick quick question, do you also apply this same technique with a driver or a long iron or is it a bit different than wedges because when I apply this with a driver, my ball shanks like crazy so was just wondering. Thanks!

Sandy Tim says:

Looks simple when you start playing but in reality it's "welcome to a lifetime of pain and confusion" ! ????

Ultra Squad says:

hi Rick great videos but can I ask what app you use to trace the flight of the ball in your videos please.

CobraChipper says:

Thanks for another great video Rick.

Ornby1 says:

I use dry shampoo on the club to determine strike …only £1 a can .
Like Rick says strike is so important, I've found if I'm not in balance I can't hit the centre of the club.

Chris Green says:

I use to play off of 3 when I was a junior. Your videos are excellent and are making me want to return to the course. Thanks.

William Dryselius says:

So I bought my clubs when I got under 30 handicap, and I´m now approaching 10. (I´m at 11 atm) A pro once told me that I should use stiff, but I atm use reg. I do though feel comfortable with my clubs. Should I spend money on a new set of irons? What difference can a new, fitted, set of clubs make?

Adam Flynn says:

get the cheapest (supermarket own brand) dry shampoo…best and cheapest impact spray u can buy ????

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Wow, the image of the cylinder has helped me immensely. I'm trying to imagine that visual everytime I hit the ball.

whogg0521 says:

When I swing well, I start just as you say. When I don't, I do exactly what you say NOT to do and my divots make you think I'm the landscaping business and get paid by the pelt I displace. Jeez.

agcreate says:

Hey, Rick
What software do you use for the GC2?

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