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In this video you’ll see Dan talking about his ideal principles for the golf swing and the key fundamentals that can help you create a consistent, repeatable golf swing.

The golf swing is a very complex action so each chapter breaks the swing down into it’s individual component parts, to make it more simple for you, so can easily apply it to your game. You can target the areas of the golf swing that you are struggling with and the video will provide answers about the fundamentals of the swing that can help you to build a long lasting repeatable action.

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chubby chequer says:

Self teaching from a video can lead to disaster. Good coach though.

David Boyle says:

Watch all your vids your some man . Do you ever got offers to teach on the PGA

Marvin Sangüesa Golf says:

Great stuff Dan. It'll be a success

Julian Meier says:

watched it, enjoyed it, learned something! def some good points in it and maybe even a solution to one of my long term problems. practice and time will tell.

Stephen Wong says:

I have been playing with the stack and tilt swing for nearly ten years now but l will certainly purchase your video as l believe you are one of the best coaches around. Keep up the good work Dan!!

Charles Saunders says:

How long is the modern fundamentals video

stityriah poop says:

Shut up and take my money.

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