The Golf Club 2 PS4 Review: Par for the Course | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

The Golf Club 2 launches on PS4 this week, but is it par for the course for this series. In this video we share our PlayStation 4 review, and include PS4 Pro gameplay footage.

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  1. when you got the original course creator around half full it would crash constantly I hope they fixed it for this one

  2. We stopped playing the "Rory/Tiger" franchise as soon as Golf Club 1 came out. This one looks much nicer, so don't mind if I DO queue up the download remotely to my PS4 Pro from work! 🙂 Hot Shots/Everyone's Golf (Everybody's?) has always been my favorite franchise, so I'm also extremely excited for August 29th (here in the States), but there's always room for two golf games in my library.

  3. Good review. I hated the game, though. Pre-ordered it and got it on Tuesday. Played it Tuesday and Wednesday and between the connection issues not allowing me to play the game at all, the glitches and bugs, the often mediocre graphics (it is 2017, not 2012) and the wonky swing mechanics, I returned the game to Amazon today.

  4. Fair review. And no it's not worth it. To little changes compared to TGC1 and some of the changes are for the worst.

  5. Sammy with all due respect mate, please don't ask me at the beginning of a video to like it when I haven't seen the contents thereof, Cheers.

  6. Video is only starting, and..

    "before I get into my review please like this video and subscribe to the channel…"

    Really? I haven't even seen the video yet, why not wait until the end? Could be a great video but right from the start you're annoying your viewers.