The Golf Club Trailer (PS4)

The Golf Club is the new golf sim from HB Studios featuring procedurally generated courses, online play, tours and tournaments — and more! Find out all the information at

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  1. I was not impressed until I saw the level creation. That looked fun. Maybe if I were a bigger fan of golf the rest would look more intriguing

  2. hoping they adress the rough length putting greens, and the weird ping the putters make. and i guess the choppy play. only time will tell.

  3. Since it's running on Frostbite, using the editor would be great for Battlefield, but they would see it as hurting DLC profits -_-

  4. Looks so much better on the PS4 than PC..
    I have PC version and it sucks!!
    PS4 is the way to go with this game!!!

  5. When this releases for PS4 will it only be for download or will it have a hard copy? And how much will it cost? Thanks

  6. This doesn't look like it is a simulator, I don't see that you can use real golf clubs and balls. So what good is it and how can you call it a simulator?????