Meandmygolf explain where the golf shaft position should be at address position


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  1. To simplify all these questions below on positions and shaft lean would it not be better to explain this to all types players by just saying ideally you want the line of the shaft to form a line with the lead arm and point towards the left shoulder? Would this not automatically determine the correct amount of shaft lean for each player and allow all players to preset they're own impact position?

    Cant grip have a profound effect on the position of the hands and natural amount of shaft lean you play with? 

    Example: I play with a strong grip, therefore when I set up as per the video I have a bow in my lead wrist, yes there is shaft lean but there is a breakdown from the clubhead through to the shoulder, its right in the middle at the grip. So I preset my hands with more shaft lean to ensure there is no breakdown in the lead arm    

    thanks for the videos guys they're awesome

  2. Just get the shaft to the point until it's almost an extension of your lead arm. That will vary based on the length of your arms. There's no right spot for every person. Front wrist should be as flat as possible. For some this is inner thigh for some it's pointed to hip bone. It's a body to body thing.

  3. I have struggled with an inside take away for years (12 degrees) and just noticed I lean the shaft slightly forward for all clubs, by tilting it slightly straight will that improve my takeaway to a more neutral position? I'm a decent striker of the ball 10 handicap but when I use SkyPro it's always telling me I'm too inside on the takeaway also I struggle hitting my 3 wood should I lean it more backwards? Thanks for you videos I always follow.

  4. The manufacturer sets the shaft lean for each club, from the sand wedge to the 3 iron. As the clubs get longer you will notice the shaft lean is a lot less than say the wedge, perhaps a quarter of an inch per club. Hold a club in front of you and you can see the lean.

  5. I've been playing golf for 20+ years, and have recently run into some issues with alignment, stance, shaft position etc., and this video has helped tremendously. Thanks lads!

  6. Thanks for the video. I just hit the straightest, longest drive I ever have with the advice you guys give. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Guys, I need to know that the position of my head in relation to the ball is ok. A demonstration will not really help. Could it work if you fit a camera to your head and let us see what you see when you address the ball with different clubs, i.e. short iron, mid iron, long iron and driver? And perhaps vary the head position so that I can see where I am.