The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands

In short, this book teaches the hand action of the golf swing and how to coordinate your shoulder turn with this hand action. The lessons on the hand action of the golf swing consist of four chapters: The Golf Grip, Addressing the Ball, the Hand Action, and Adding the Shoulder Turn. These chapters are written with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photographs illustrating many of the steps. The Feathered Quill by Deb Fowler … This amazing golf instructional will be of use to everyone from the novice to the seasoned amateur who wants to tweak his or her game. This golf instructional was one of the best I’ve seen in some time, one that anyone wanting to improve their game should definitely add to their list! Kirkus Reviews … When the author discusses hands, he covers everything from the waggle–those tiny adjustments that help fine-tune the “sweet spot”–through hand pivot and rotation, foot position, shoulder alignment, establishing target lines and the legendary golfer Paul Runyan’s chipping technique. The lessons here are complicated–there are no gimmes–but they’re also winningly commonsensical. A vital book that fills a gap in the golf instruction literature.

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  1. I picked up some good pointers from this book regarding grip I picked up some good pointers from this book regarding grip, address, and waggling. However i was very disappointed with the end of the book. It’s like he gets you all built up and ready for the full swing, and then drops you cold with an outdated lesson on chipping.I don’t get it, but the book has some value. I have been prone to over use of the hands in the golf swing over the years and am looking for ways to let my hands be more passive in the swing. This book helped me somewhat…