The Golf Swing: It’s easier than you think…

‘I’m impressed … I can’t wait to put the theory to the test…. A very readable exercise for the golfer who wants to understand the basics of the swing and how to put them to work…. I totally recommend this book to all golfers.’  Golf Today, November 2012
‘Simply, this is one of the best golf books written in recent years. Highly recommended…’ Dan Parks, Editor in-Chief, Journal of Applied Golf Research; December 2012 

The Golf Swing answers that eternal question: why is the golf swing so frustratingly difficult? And the answer is – because we make it difficult. This book explains the problem – the ‘swing theory quagmire’ that confuses and perplexes us. It goes on to outline the solution: a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to improve.
Using a scientific review of more than 200 research articles, author Chris Riddoch explains how dissecting the swing into a complicated sequence of angles and positions actually prevents improvement by stifling our powerful, innate skill-learning mechanisms. The way to a better golf swing is to liberate these mechanisms – which thrive on simplicity.
The Golf Swing adopts a modern, scientific approach, by combining two sciences: golf swing mechanics and human skill learning. The analysis goes well beyond simply describing a good swing – it explains how to get one.

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