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The Golf Swing Shirt Demo Day – Candid reactions !!!

The Golf Swing Shirt Demo Day…see how average golfers improve so quickly and love The Golf Swing Shirt which is used and endorsed by some of the best PGA instructors and touring professionals. It will help YOU become a better ball striker !

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TheGolfer231 says:

looks like a cool product

gamecock5446 says:

That's my range

grazer770 says:

hahahahahahahahaha a straight jacket for golf nuts hahahahahahahahaaha

El Chialeux says:

Would be funny to see someone using this on the range !! 

Ivan Sanders says:

Looks interesting, but with every film I've watched on this the product is cut way too short – i.e. above the waist.  It is clearly manufactured to be also worn as a general wear item. Such being the case I personally hate shirts etc. which won't stay tucked into my strides. Just me. 

Robin Woolf says:

am I missing something here? why not show the same guys hitting balls AFTER they've taken the shirt off to see how ingrained the feeling is……..not so easy I bet…..

Brian B says:

I was wondering this was recorded at Galloping Hills golf course? I take lessons there!

Robert says:

69 dollars for a t shirt? You guys have some pair of Pro V 1's. I'll make my own.

lee mcshane says:

Fuckoff sandals! Who the fuck wears sandals for a golf lesson.

ryan Clement says:

Looks like it kinda works but who would want to be wearing that at the range. Looks stupid

Coby B says:

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