The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Grip Pressure Golf Lessons

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Grip Pressure Golf Lessons with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about how to improve your golf through grip pressure as well as helping out more golfers through his social Golf App for iPhone and Android. Play better golf with easy to understand golf tips, lessons and drills from one of YouTubes best loved golf professionals.

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  1. Mark, Great app! Could you touch on how to avoid fat shots? Also on how to get the ball flying Higuaín hitting long irons. Thanks

  2. Definitely keep the new format. Also would like to know about the pinky. Have changed my grip in a positive way thanks to you, but now it feels more uncomfortable interlocking my pinky. Thanks Mark

  3. I can't find your app in the App Store. The Link takes me to iTunes instead off the App Store. Can you help me?

  4. Hi Mark. Great Videos.. thanks a ton. Ive reviewed my swing video and realized that my hips move forward ( like in one of your reviewd students in this video) and its causing me to come out to in ( my divots are always pointing quite left). I have also tried but I cant seem to get a proper hip roatation even without a club in hand. can you recommend some exercises pls? thanks.

  5. The best advice IMHO Butch Harman – hold it just tight enough to keep constant pressure throughout your swing. I used to hold it firm at address, loosen up a bit at top to cock wrist and tighten at impact …I was releasing early, unintended draws and some fades and somewhat inconsistent contact. This year I started holding it pretty firm (say 6/10 LH, 3/10 RH) as I have been trying to work the ball more. The waggle or impact preview drill is so important to feel the clubhead…good tips.

  6. I disagree. If you put a club at address position and squeeze right hand.. the head is skewed to left. Vice versa also.

    It's very tough to have balanced pressure with both hands every shot.

  7. Improper grip pressure can cause a severe case of the twitches/yips in the short game.  I understand that the pressure should be CONSTANT throughout the swing and you shouldn't change the pressure as you swing – near impact.

  8. I worked on this a lot with my instructor.
    I was gripping way too tight and it caused a lot of Problems. I was able to release the club and hit straighter.

  9. Biggest trouble I've had as a 5 HC, is on some days I've worked to hard using my hands ( I use a lot of heavy hammers daily and for hours) go out golfing and spray the balls left and right. Any miss hit out of center of club and the club face twist badly. I can shoot 70 71 one weekend and the following weekend shoot 87 88. I now see how I must have week hands or tiered ones some days and a good "stronger" grip on others. I'm now thinking about it. Thanks for the tip.