The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Sway and Push Slice Shots

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Sway and Push Slice Shots with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about hip sway and how the set up at address can influence a poor backswing and resulting off line golf shots. Mark also talks about how to deal with the push slice with your driver or iron play. The famous chicken wing golf fault shows itself in this weeks fix and Mark talks about how to improve your swing for straighter less chicken winged swings. Also this weeks weekly fix question of the week deals with hybrid/rescues against fairway woods. Improve your golf swing and enjoyment of the game with Mark Crossfield.

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  1. Hi Mark, the drill on your push/slice remedy is also the same for the driver or just irons. Thanks

  2. The first 3 minutes I believe you have just cured my swing. People have always told me my alignment was causing my slice, but no one has ever told me that I was standing to straight up.

  3. I'm wondering the same. I guess i'll just have to test it 😀
    Did it work for your drives John ? thx in advance for the answer. Cheers!

  4. I have dramatically improved my driver shots by staying behind the ball, as mark says left ear inline with the ball, however my irons i have tried both and it seems easier to to hit irons behind the ball, it has helped me eliminate a strong fade and mor penetrating straighter shots.

  5. Ok, thx for the quick answer 😉
    i'll try that as soon as possible. I'm "ok" with my irons but my drives make me have a lot of time looking for my ball in the woods 😀

  6. are you slicing them or hooking them. I tend to be a big slicer then strong fade. Now I hit them relatively straight 80% of the time. I have eased back from trying to hit the ball too hard, just simply a standard maybe 2.5 knuckles on the left hand grip and swing through the ball to the target rather than trying to take the cover off the ball or showing off to my friends and I hit them straight and avg 220-260 meters.

  7. I usually have a strong push/slice with my drives (50% today ! ). Also you'r right i try to hit it to hard, and i think that's why i sway on my back swing.
    And when i hit it "cool" i do the same distance as well. (220m average).
    Thx for thoses advices, can't wait to try it ^^

  8. The beauty about this game is that once you realize that you're just making a swing towards a target the ball is just on the way and you'll start hitting cleaner better shots and makes you want to come back and play again and again, it's the greatest game,lol.

  9. Love all your videos. I'm a complete beginner, but watching these videos nightly gets me super excited to get started. Thanks.

  10. Great videos Mark.I started playing golf about 4 years ago now and Im down to a 20 handicap.I have a lot of problems with my 3 wood hitting it and if I was better Im sure Id bring my scores down more.Love the videos.Is there any tip you can give me?

  11. how are you , If anyone else is trying to find the best hints for improving their golf swing try banfan amazing golf genie ( search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  12. Great advice regarding the push slice swing, I finally realized what I was doing fundamentally wrong … among other things wrong, of course :)

  13. Thanks for the advice on the push slice swing, looked back on a few self shot strokes and seems to be the problem. I will try out tomorrow.

  14. i will try this next time i go to the range, i also feel like im trying to 'hit the ball'. Great tips and i will defo try this when im next on the range 

  15. Mark- Thanks very much for this tip. My miss is typically a push out to the right. Your drill of keeping the left arm inside my body line was an almost instant fix. Used it on the course and the pushes went away. Looks a little funny, but shot 75 with only two misses right the entire round so I don't really care ha Much appreciated!

  16. Just came back from the range with two things on my mind – 1 Why have i developed a push slice and 2 Should i buy a hybrid or fairway wood.  All sorted in one video – thanks mark!