The Improviser! – Carter Vs Peter Finch Formby Golf Club – Part 2

►Carter takes a 1up lead into Part 2 but there’s plenty of golf to be played. Peter Finch surely has some surprises waiting in Part 2!
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  1. Wish I could fast forward time to Part 3; I medically need it now LOL
    Loving the banter and golf as always lads

  2. That's quite a tease about Part 3, Andy. Don't keep us waiting too long! Do I remember correctly that you're playing the new TP5 ball? How is it?

  3. Andy, been researching some new golf shoes and I like 3 models offered by Adidas. The Asym, the Boost 2, and the Tour360 boost. It looks like your wear the Tour 360's, how do you like them and what do you recommend? I don't have access to try any of them on, can't find any store stocking them here in the Philippines. Thanks.

  4. The people who dislike the vids have nothing better to do, sad really ????Great vlog guys keep it up really good entertainment as always ????⛳️????