The LAWs of the Golf Swing: Body-Type Your Golf Swing and Master Your Game

“Swing doctor” Mike Adams and two the top golf instructors present a revolutionary teaching model that shows players how they can match their swings to their body type to dramatically improve their game.

Are you a Leverage, Arc , or Width Player? The authors of The Laws of the Golf Swing provide five straightforward tests’ accompanied by step-by-step photos’ that golfers can use to identify their own body type. Everyone falls into one of the three basic types: Leverage players, such as Jim Colbert, Nick Price, and Annika Sorenstam, have average build and flexibility; Arc players, such as Tiger Woods, David Love III, and Michelle McGann, are long-limbed and have extra flexibility; and Width players, such as Arnold Palmer, Craig Stadler, and Meg Mallon are less flexible but have more upper body strength.

A person’s golf swing is highly dependent of physique, personal strengths, and natural tendencies. By taking these five simple tests, readers can identify their own body type, discover their true swing, and then perfect it.Three of America’s top-rated golf instructors have come up with a technique that customizes body type to swing type. The “LAWs” of the title The LAWs of the Golf Swing reflect those types: “L” for leverage (average build with average flexibility–think David Frost or Annika Sorensam); “A” for arc (tall with maximum flexibility–think Davis Love or Michelle McGann); and “W” for width (thicker torso and minimum flexibility–think Tom Lehman or Meg Mallon). Mike Adams, T.J. Tomasi, and Jim Suttie first help you identify which group you belong to, then offer a series of lessons and drills to help you construct the appropriate swing to minimize your natural deficiencies. In other words, they build on what you can do while at the same time assist you in getting out of your own way. –Jeff Silverman

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  1. Makes all other swing theory books out of date. This works The one book I hope the guys in my foursome never discover. I love them, except on the golf course. The is no one correct golf swing for every player. Just check out what three different books tell you about the grip. None of them agree. With this book you match your body type to a basic swing type. Arc for the tall heaver player, width for the broad chested player and leverage for the tall skinner player. Book covers it all grip, setup, alignment, take away and downswing keys. As…

  2. A hidden gem This book does not get as much advance play as some written by top players or the “guru of the month”, but it should be in every serious player’s library. Too many golfers (myself included), have spent years twisting ourselves into pretzels trying to emulate Davis Love or Tiger Woods when we swing. If we are built more like Craig Stadler or Jeff Sluman, we are in for some heartache (and probably backache as well). This wonderful little book demolishes the myth that “your…