The LAWs of the Golf Swing: Leverage Player

This is the original video that went with the 1998 book “The LAWs of the Golf Swing: Body-Type Your Golf Swing and Master Your Game.”

The premise was that there are three distinct golf swings based on your body type: average build (LEVERAGE SWING), short and stocky (WIDTH SWING), or long and lean (ARC SWING).

To use this system, first check your body type using the tests contained in the The LAWs of the Golf Swing: INTRODUCTION video, then watch the correct video for your body type.

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  1. Parker, I am 60, 6'1, 230 lbs, built like a refrigerator –thick, square… large shoulders, chest, arms, wrists, hands. I'm a 7 HC, play a lot of golf. Employed a few of your tips today and shot 73! I have always set up open or square. Set up closed today, didn't worry about taking it back a little inside and by the end of the day, was dropping my elbow in tight while letting the club lay off a bit (a la Sergio) and turning thru (almost felt baseball swing like). Killed it. So my question is, what's going to go wrong? Where will I over do it? I found myself hitting it a little left today and wasn't solid on my short clubs (pw, sw)… thanks for your tips!