The LAWs of the Golf Swing: Width

This is the original video that went with the 1998 book “The LAWs of the Golf Swing: Body-Type Your Golf Swing and Master Your Game.” The premise was that there are three distinct golf swings based on your body type: average build (LEVERAGE SWING), short and stocky (WIDTH SWING), or long and lean (ARC SWING).

To use this system, first check your body type using the tests contained in the The LAWs of the Golf Swing: INTRODUCTION video, then watch the correct video for your body type.

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  1. I have been playing golf for almost 20 years. I have taken lessons and pretty much just been frustrated by the instruction I received. I learned to hit a ball in the same manner as hitting a baseball 'up the middle'…and managed to get my index down to 6.5 The LAWS of Golf for a 'width' player (Me) have helped me tremendously in just a short time after watching it. I am hitting the ball more solidly, more consistently, and further than i have over my entire career. No instructor has ever given me instruction for a 'big guy' to swing the club…and this video addresses me perfectly. I wish i had seen this 20 years ago. The simple acts of dropping the right foot back, flaring my feet, and having the correct posture for a 'large frame' have had such an impact for the better. Thanks for posting this video. I don't know who originally made this, but it would be well worth re-making it with modern HD cameras. I'd buy them.

  2. Brilliant! It all makes sense to me as classical width player – both body build and 65+. Will bending over more influence shaft length, i.e. lead to a shorter shaft?

  3. After Martin Hall recommended the Laws of Golf on his show I bought the book. Your video on the width player was outstanding and spot on with the book. Do you have information on where you teach or have a golf school to attend. Thank you for your help.

  4. This is certainly worth trying but I have an awful time hitting at the ball, locking my wrists at impact. "Pushing away" in the backswing is fine, but at some point in the downswing I would imagine the wrists have got to loosen up. I can't tell from this video at what point that is or what part the arms themselves play in the downswing.

  5. Dude has a sway though, how do you not sway when turning your left shoulder behind the ball?

  6. Mike Adams videos are by far the best golf instruction I have utilized. I've played golf for 16 years but his view of the width swing has simplified the game.
    Thanks again

  7. This video (and the video that helps you determine your natural swing type) is priceless. Even being 20 years old, the information is amazing. I've been struggling to learn other golf swings for years (15+). I've tried a few different swing types with little success. My most recent attempt was with a modified single plane swing. The concept of the swing was easy to understand. Unfortunately, I struggled to get my body to follow the moves. When I got into the proper setup position, my body felt out of sync and I struggled to make a good swing. I've spent 30+ hours at the range over the last few months working on this swing. Occasionally I'd hit it well. Mostly I'd struggle with consistency.

    Yesterday, after another frustrating day on the range, I came home and started looking for a new golf swing–all while thinking "maybe I'm just not meant to be a good golfer…" I stumbled across the LAWs of the Golf Swing video and figured I had nothing to lose. When it described the body type that is served well by the "Width" swing, I felt like they were describing me. I'm 5'10 and weigh about 215, with a large chest. I've always struggled to get into the "proper" positions for other swings.

    I watched the entire Width video and jotted down some simple notes on my phone to walk me through the swing. Went to the range today and had immediate success. The best part about this swing is a lot of the setup and moves are what I've been doing my whole life (and fighting to change). I prefer a stronger grip. I prefer to set up with the ball under my nose. My hands like to cock the club early. All of these traits are exactly as described for this swing. The hardest thing to fix was my tendency to drop my left shoulder on the backswing. When I did that, everything was off. Once I learned to swing with what felt like level shoulders, I started hitting the ball long and straight with little effort. The bonus was I had very few swing thoughts running through my head. I literally set up and swung the club exactly like my body wanted to do without manipulation. After only one day on the range, I am convinced that Mike and the team are really on to something.

    I have since read up one Mike and his Bioswing Dynamics. I'd love to find a local instructor that teaches this stuff. My goal now is to try and convince my buddies to watch a 20 year old golf instruction video to help them learn.