The Most Important Part Of The Swing

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How would you like to know the most important part of golf? How do we improve ball contact? For those looking to be striking masters, this video on The Most Important Part Of The Swing is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we’ll cover contact, while improving key ball striking fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Clay I crush drives over 300 on the regular thanks to you. I have video proof and what I do with a golf club needs your eyes on it.. idk how I can drive 340+ or how I can hit my pitching wedge 200yards and I use about a 3/4 backswing

  2. Seems like a lot of extra movement you want to see. Squat down and then straigthen up on the downswing… let your club shallow down first while turning… whew, don't know how anybody can ever get all that correct. But ok, you are the pro, I am not.

  3. With irons I am trying to convince myself that the bottom of the swing is just in front of the ball and with the driver the bottom of the swing is just behind the ball. Is that correct?

  4. Another great video Clay! I subscribed to the TSG just because of the clarity and insightfulness of your instruction. Keep up the great work! 😎

  5. lol, product placement in the thumbnail, lol, nice.

    but uhhhhhh, I'm seeing snell balls get it in, I have some refurb pro v1x's and geee mo netti, this one guy I played with dusted me with snell off the tee,

    bought a sleeve off of him and , daaaaammm that ball can fly.

    can't believe tour guys aren't on that ball yet, guess titlest gifting them more not too.

    can't wait for a snell x tour ball lol.

  6. Thank you Clay, best illustration and explanation on youtube or any where. Great job.

  7. Your demonstration (at around 9 minutes in the video) of how the in-to-out club path squares to the ball when the hips rotate to 45 degrees open was one of the most helpful things I've seen from an instructional video. It was a light bulb moment…thanks! Dave.

  8. Wo wo wo. You really need to explain that move at 10.45 a lot clearer. Now that could be a huge game changer to the likes of my level.