This weeks swing analysis looks at how moving the lower body first will help hit your drives longer and straighter


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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  1. Great video! Could you clarify which part of the trail leg we need to load? Should we load the inside of the trailer leg? And should it be more towards the heel or the toe?

  2. Constantly slicing my driver but hit my irons dead straight, could do with some professional help.

  3. I feel like I tend to rotate my left foot on the backswing, could this be the problem behind my hooks?I'm also hitting 220 yards over and over on the range, but just can't manage to get past that mark. Can you help me?

  4. Hello Andy and Piers
    I live in north texas, a very competitive junior golfing area as the courses are open year round. I really struggle with my drives slicing, yet I believe I have an in to out swing plane. I would really appreciate a swing analysis because with a straight drive I could EASILY shave 10-15 stokes off my scores. I really want to play on my schools golf team, and the cutoff is a sub 100 I currently shoot around 115

  5. I’m a senior in high school and really want to play D1 college golf as that’s what the college I’m going to is and I’m working super hard this coming winter to hopefully get low enough and consistent enough (as I live in a place that gets super cold in the winter) I know I have the game to do it, my best score is a 66 but I’m averaging mid to low 80s. There has to be a very obvious thing I’m doing that’s making me so inconsistent

  6. I would love to have a swing analysis more with my iron I have a hook with my driver but gotten better at aiming for it cause of you guys thank you for that by the way brought my score from a 115-105 to a 97-82

  7. Hi Piers and Andy,

    Thank you for the swing analysis – I'll definitely take the advice and let you know how it improves my game!

  8. I need help because I don't hit greens in reg enough as my long irons need to be straighter PLEASE HELP

  9. Your videos rock . But damn you gotta have the same video style every time. feels like same video each time. change it up bros

  10. Love the channel – lots of great info. I would love a swing analysis because I get great distance from a high swing speed (110+ on Driver) with all of my clubs, but consistent accuracy is a challenge and distance control as well. I am also left-handed so any tips for us lefties would help!

  11. Great pointers, thank you. Really enjoy watching the videos you guys put up. Would love an analysis

  12. always great instructional videos guys thanks. I am a 28 handicapper who looks to your videos to help me improve. By the way, this video would be great in a 'spot the difference' competition. mostly similar outfits but some small (other than the hats) differences.

  13. Met these guys when playing The Astbury in August, really friendly  fella's and deserve all the success they've achieved.

  14. love your vids guys but you have so many instructional videos and they’re all well and good but if you dont know where you’re going wrong in the first place then your at a loss no? do you do online lessons???

  15. Piers and Andy! So badly need a swing Analysis. I've been trying to put your tips toward my swing but somehow I just keep slicing the ball right on my drives. Could you guys help me out to improve my game?

  16. I need it because I play (Cartesio rule). Great job dudes. Bravi. Looking forward to see you in Rome

  17. I'd love an analysis because I need some help before I try and qualify for my college team (division 1). I play to a scratch but could shave 3 or 4 shots off my score if I could develop a consistent ball flight off the tee.

  18. Guys, tried this today and it all but cured my persistent driver slice. What I found is that loading my right foot helped me to stop moving the upper body and coming down across the ball. It gave me an extra 20-30 yards as well. Great tip. Thank you.