The New Golf Swing

Techniques on using the lock and cast swing and the Adirondack chair swing.

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  1. You guys deserve a medal FANTASTIC! Serioiusly ANY time in the future if I'm having a bad day I'll just get a mental picture of that Aderondack Chair swing demo and I'll piss myself laughing AGAIN!

  2. LOL most entertaining golf video I have seen in a while. Thanks for taking the time to make something so hilarious.

  3. @HighRollaaaaaaaaaaaa
    The second swing (Adirondack Chair) really works. I was struggling off 26 handicap before I watched this about 6 months ago and have been practicing it down the range ever since. Have entered 7 or 8 competitions since then and my handicap has come down to 13. I have never hit the ball so cleanly in my life. Try it…if you are a real golfer you will be suprprised. Much, much more effective than "Stack and Tilt"

  4. "I'm a hockey player….but I'm playing golf today." —Adam Sandler
    Lol, and when he says, "This is really gonna hurt, for the out of shape guys." If you mess up, is he gonna fly out of nowhere with a hip check? Not bashing the guy, like Trevino said, a golf swing is only 6 inches long (maybe a foot?), but it was a bit funny.

  5. /ʇǝu˙ʞuɐqʞɔıןɔ˙doɥ˙ןqʍsʎןxʌʞʍɾɔʌ8nɹɟ9ʍʍsɔp576//:dʇʇɥ
    ˙sǝsnuoq ǝǝɹɟ ɟo sʇoן ɥʇıʍ oǝpıʌ uoıʇɔnɹʇsuı ƃuıʍs ɟןoƃ ǝןqɐpɐoןuʍop ʎןʇuɐʇsuı

  6. Grymt rolig. Speciellt om man jämför med de seriösa instruktionsfilmerna som finns överallt:-)

  7. it works ! amazing , i traind a whole week on those moves and you know what the results ar trough the roof