The Official Mike Austin Golf Swing: Austinology Compiled, Organized and Simplified for Practical Use

This is not a book. It is a complete package consisting of text plus several hours of specific video instruction from Mike Austin himself and from other on-point authoritative sources accessible immediately by single-click technology on the Internet. In addition to the basic need to collect and simplify the Austin swing with the appropriate authoritative stamp it needs and deserves, this work CORRECTS not a few mis-perceptions of what is ‘out there’ already. But more importantly, IT SUPPLIES DETAILS AND EXPLANATIONS SIMPLY OMITTED by others ‘speaking for Mike’ in their own re-interpretations that have become substitutes for ‘the original!’ Much here simply never got into the public domain at all! All things are presented first by means of easy-to-read everyday analogies and instructions simplified for practical use by anyone, and then it continues with direct immediate links to a considerable cache of detailed and comprehensive additional materials geared to the serious and enlightened golf swing student who seeks the whole scientific and kinesthesiological rationale behind its engineering. This is the definitive resource for understanding all of the nuances and subtleties of hitting golf balls far and straight anywhere in golf literature. Our contribution has been to ‘translate’ Mike’s precise and pertinent technical instructions into simple easy-to-understand practical terms with familiar analogies and simple clear step-by-step guidance. Everything pertaining to the Mike Austin Golf Swing Method ever passed on to his closest companions and pupils has been authenticated and is included here so that nothing of value be lost or forgotten. Each component under discussion is precisely explained in our text and then referenced to demonstrations and explanations by the Master himself or by a faithful disciple or an equivalent. Where appropriate and possible, each referral will include the exact time-stamp in a video for the referenced information or teaching point. And more: any purchaser of the Kindle version who will email the author with his email address and proof of purchase of the Kindle version will be sent a PDF version to download to all of his own devices as desired, from which he can then print any pages he should want to have ‘in hard copy.’ Text instructions as such do not require many pages… Certainly you realize the advantage of having your teacher come to you giving you many lessons, as opposed to your travelling to his venue, and on your schedule, repeatable at will, for a total cost lower than that of a single lesson!

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  1. I first met George Hibbard when I came to Florida to take a workshop with him nearly 20 years ago…it was a terrific experience. I specifically wanted to work with him on the “critical details of the golf swing and achieve “perfect powerful impact” as his first two books promised. They delivered that and more. We have kept in touch over the last 20 years and spoke a couple times a year on both of our new discoveries. Two years ago I retired and moved to Palm Coast Florida to 17…