The One Plane Golf Swing. Presented by GolfZone.

Great videos from GolfZone The One Plane Golf Swing
GolfZone’s Sam Letoutrneau, demonstrates the one plane Golf swing.

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  1. I guess no one knows Moe Norman, if you want to add to your knowledge about golf look-up this name…

  2. Now that I've taken a second look at this video it's all wrong if we are talking about Single Plane Golf. don't take my word for it just look at some videos with swing analysis of Moe Norman.

  3. takes 5min to explain that your swing should be on one plane, but then when he does it, he's totally out of it. It all makes perfect sense, but i think he needs a little more practice 😉

  4. If you see your shot fading to the right, it's because your body moves too far left during the swing process. On the downswing, focus on releasing the ball quickly with your hands. A consistent ability to release your hands with speed does miracles for your shot accuracy.