The only golf swing thought you need!

Understanding arc and the compression of the arc is all that is needed to induce all the correct movements commonly taught.

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  1. Hi Mike… Love your videos and instruction. Do you favor the right arm, left arm or equally both? Thanks

  2. Not sure what to make of the suggestion of keeping the right elbow off the torso.   If you do a youtube search on golf teaching and right elbow,  8 out of 10 are telling us to keep that elbow as close to the body as possible.   Some even say (although it's not possible) to feel like your right elbow is glued to the torso the entire swing (obviously it will come off the torso at the top).   For me (at 5'5") that only works for short irons by producing a flat swing with the right elbow on the gut ala Hogan and it brings the club face directly to the ball.  But for long irons this "keep the elbow on the body" seems to put the club on a plane that hits the ground too early. It's not the tilt of the plane that's the issue, it's how low the plane passed through my spine.   Maybe what you are suggesting would help me out with the long irons by keeping the swing plane higher.

  3. Well George all you have to do is look at videos of any or your favorite tour player. Not what instructors say.