This weeks impact show discusses if there is a perfect grip for golf. Piers and Andy show you 3 things to avoid when gripping the golf club and fixes to help cure these faults.



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  1. This video and another one that I had watched yesterday before hitting the range has helped immensely. I was using basic baseball grip and I was all over the place but now I'm using the deep interlock which helped straighten out my drive but hurts the hands after a while. Next time ill try to the easy interlock and see how that goes. Thanks for the videos!

  2. Fantastic lads ! Whenever i have issues with my game you always have the videos to resolve them 😉👍🏼

  3. I have been told that my right hand comes off of the club at impact sometimes . (I'm a RH golfer) Would trying the interlock grip help this?

  4. I overlap my lead hand index finger over my right hand pinky finger. I have never seen a suggestion or notice a pro player or anyone else play with this grip style. And wonder if there would be a reason that it could be an issue or bad grip. It feels comfortable to me. An interlock grip causes discomfort to my pinky.

  5. great video, helped a lot, and on point #3 it also helps with back pain, i discovered i was doing this a while back, fixed my grip and noticed that i would swing softer and faster without pain in my upper back for my left arm fighting my right arm during the swing, they now both flow better and easier. thanks again for all you guys do

  6. You guys are the best. Thank you for this amazing FREE video school. I'm sure all your subscribers highly appreciate your work.

  7. when he takes his swing to the par 3 at the end , is it me or is his trail hand V  nit even close to his  trail shoulder , it looks like it is more towards his sternum but anyway I was always taught both Vs should point to or about your left ear

  8. Great advise. Love your videos, using them to sharpen my skill in my Garage Simulator during this winter. Keep them coming guys and thanks again for the great videos.


  10. here's several tips for how to play golf better
    Practise your golf swing in slow motion
    Position your feet correctly
    Learn the correct body posture
    (I discovered these and why they work from Gavs golf tactic website )

  11. Any chance you get gentleman could put a slow motion sequence thru impact in your videos so we can see how the hands are reacting? I’m always getting a reverse bend in my left wrist at impact and would like to compare and correct. Thank you.

  12. you'd need to attack the action of the body pivot as much as you address the face/ grip issue. the proof is in the shot that Andy hit.. his body STILL stalled and flipped the face through impact. your player you analyzed will have the same issue unless you address the pivot as well..

  13. Focusing on "negative" coaching does not help beginners much. Try to focus on what to do, instead on what to avoid. This is the way all other sports are coached…

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  15. Hi Piers and Andy, I managed to drop my handicap from 20 to 16 over 8 months and was struggling to bring it down any further. I started looking at your advice around correcting my grip and my swing. Over four weeks I have managed to drop down to 11.5. I can't afford to get coaching but your videos have been great. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  16. this is as good a video on the grip as ive seen on youtube probably. if youre watching this, pay attention. youre right hand on your grip controls the way your right elbow flies on your backswing… and you want to make it stronger, or roll it under, until your right elbow stays tucked in on your backswing on its own. thats when you know its right. 🙂

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