Meandmygolf explain whether there is a perfect golf swing and highlight key areas to work on to get try and achieve the perfect golf swing

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  1. Thanks for the video. Can you do a video explaining what our legs should be doing during a swing? I haven't seen one and seem to be having trouble controlling my legs.

  2. Do you have a lesson on proper grip? I think I need some of your great advice about that. You guys are super! Love your fashion sense, too. Xo

  3. can we see PPL with a driver, it's relatively easy to get this with an iron, but not so much with the driver or woods

  4. Holy shit. Typically I am like a mid 40s player with one of the nastiest slices you'll ever see. After watching this and making two simple changes that took less than 5 minutes I am shooting in the high 30s. To bad this didn't fix my putting though

  5. Holy crap! Thank you!!! After an almost 20 year lay off, I've been hitting the ball for about 3 months. I used to play in the 70s, but since starting again, it's been brutal. Terrible contact – shanks, snap hooks, push fades, very short… just awful. No consistency whatsoever. Until I watched this video. I can't tell you how much this lesson has changed my game. It's kind of surreal. For example, I'm now hitting my wedge 30 yards further. My driver, probably around 50+ yards further. Contact is excellent. And all (well almost all…) are nice, high, soft draws. And best of all, it's consistent. This one tip has changed the entire feel of my swing. Unbelievable… I can't thank you enough! After months of frustration, I'm starting to love this game again…