The PGA’s Perfect Golf Swing

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  1. Agree – if the conventional swing worked the average player would be better by now. With all today's technology, body/3D imaging, etc, the average handicap is still not dropping. Great points 1) you can't let the club fall if you're rotating your shoulders 2) You can't hit into your left side if you open up your left side, there is nothing to hit against

  2. I have a very similar swing to what you teach. I stumbled on it a few years ago by noticing how well I could hit the ball when chipping, by weighting my left side and limiting weight shift. Then I applied that over time and practice to pitching, then half shots then full shots.
    I actually fought against it for a while becuse it wasn't the "proper way to swing".
    My swing still has a very small weight shift, and my best shots are when I keep that shift to a bare minimum.