The Real Moe Norman Golf Swing – if he can do it you can too.

This video is about discovering what it means to understand the Moe Norman Golf Swing. If I can do it, you can do it.

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  1. People don't realize Moe hit 1000's of balls a day, every single day and it's not necessarily that his method of swinging is the hidden secret, it just worked for him, because that's the swing he grooved himself. Same with anyone else, you can get to that level of consistency just by hitting more balls and tinkering with your swing, even if it's not tour-pro ideal. Not really on the moe bandwagon when it comes to being the most ideal swing, but if it works for someone then keep doing it. Just remember, Moe hit 1000's of balls of every day, there's a reason it worked for him.

  2. Moe and Todd sold "Natural Golf" for years, so when you look on "YOUTUBE" you see Moe working for Natural Golf (label on a lot of his shirts) on many videos. Todd was used as a model of the "Natural Golf" swing which I watched many times years ago….so for all us X "Natural Golf" swingers will Todd ever do a video explaining the difference…it is more then just the 10 finger grip.

  3. He hit 1000's of balls getting his swing to where he wanted then perfected his moves through a lot of trial and error.  He didn't have a model to look at.  What's being done by Todd is he's giving you the model without all the trials and tribulations that Moe went through.  Moe basically re-invented the wheel to this way of swinging the club.  Why tinker when most or I'd say a majority of golfers tinkering with their swing have no idea what exactly they're doing?  It's like anything out in the real world, if it works consistently and is efficient then why try to re-invent the process?  Is this swing for everyone?  YES!!  If you're willing to have an open mind and do the drills and compare yourself to the model.

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