The right arm in the golf swing

The right arm in the golf swing is a vital component. It influences several other parts of the swing.
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  1. Steve, do you feel the right arm initiate from the top of the backswing or closer to when the shaft is parallel to the ground? I was always taught left arm dominance (right handed golfer), so any good drills to get more right arm dominant in my swing? Any future online lessons in the works? Thanks

  2. Funny, the great sam snead said he hit it with the back of the left hand!! All you ytube guys where do you get this shit from??????

  3. Wish you were closer to Leeds (Yorkshire) I really struggle with release of the club I’ve recorded my swing and after impact you can see my left elbow and the club seems really low after the follow through. Seem to hit ball well with my bad shot being a slice. I’ve been told it’s because it’s me coming out to in it I just can’t seem to get it. I’ve had lessons from a guy and just can’t get it. Could I send you my swing and see what you think am starting to lose hope . Thank you

  4. All of this was totally understood and made perfect sense to me, your content always makes perfect sense Steve, keep up the great vids 👍🏌️‍♂️

  5. Steve, I love the content you're putting up however I think you need to invest in a microphone that attaches to your shirt it's hard to hear whenever you're away from the camera. Thanks