The Rise and Fall of Nike Golf

In this week’s Tech Tuesday Special we look at the stunning decision of Nike to pull out of making golf equipment. We also discuss what this means for their top stars.


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  1. The Nike RZN Platinum is an outstanding ball i have 12 dozen backstocked! I never want that ball to go????????????

  2. +Peter Finch Golf, as we’re talking about Nike; what d’you think about Bridgestone stopping all balls sales in Europe?
    I loved 330RX and 330RXS
    Your thoughts Please????

  3. Much as I love you, Pete, I look forward to not hearing you mis-pronounce the word Nike. It rhymes with "crikey", not "like". Even Rick gets it right! Come on!

  4. Wilson Staff isn't 'decent' Pete. They are just as good as any Taylormade, Callaway or Titleist product. You should play and test more of them.

  5. Wasn't a fan at all of their clubs. I have seen SO many pictures of broken Nike drivers, either a cracked face, crown broke and completely fell off, etc. Didn't mind the color scheme at all, but I really think they were low quality clubs.

  6. I wonder if we'll see companies become extremely specialized in the equipment they produce rather than trying to be a player in all areas. For example, Taylor Made has been the leader in woods for a long time, but lagged behind others in irons, wedges, and putters. So would they consider saying, "Ok, we're a woods company now, let's let the Titleists, Pings, and Mizunos, and Callaways of the world produce irons, we'll take the M family and focus exclusively on that." The same with Mizuno and irons. Streamline your business, focus on what you're good at, and be great, rather than try to do everything and get lost in the shuffle.

  7. Sad to see Nike go, end of an era I suppose. I remember the 'I'm Tiger Woods' adverts back in the day. Personally I would like to see Rory go to Callaway, maybe work on some custom designs, especially round the greens where he needs it the most, like they did with those Mickleson Macdaddy wedges, we will see…

  8. Great video, I think Nike has made a very smart move. The golf market is dwindling down to a corrected level. They will be the first of a handful to go.

  9. I reckon Mcilroys and Woods best option is to actually not sign with anyone, they are at the stage were money doesn't matter so they would be better picking the clubs that they feel are the best whether that be titles wedges , mizuno irons and taylormade woods for example

  10. This came as no surprise to me, I even told a friend a few months ago that this would happen. It's no wonder though putting out ugly bright ass colors etc. they might as well close up shop concerning golf.