The Science of the Perfect Swing

Advance praise from the technical golf community for The Science of the Perfect Swing is shown in the Editorial Review section below.
The major task in writing The Science of the Perfect Swing
was the simplification of the engineering science so that it could be readily
understood. The primary objective was to allow inquisitive golfers to gain a
deeper understanding of all aspects of the sport from ball striking and ball
flight through to the capture of the ball in the hole. Such knowledge provides
a firm foundation for performance improvements. It also allows a greater
appreciation of the performance of Tour professionals on which many of the case
studies are based. Rich in illustrations, graphs, and charts, The Science of
the Perfect Swing strikes a perfect balance between golf science and a
descriptive form that will appeal to golf enthusiasts and general readers of
sports science, as well as to the golf science community.

Some harder science is necessary for the work to have
credibility in the science world, but this is corralled into smaller separated
sections where it can be browsed or skipped without any loss of understanding
of the fundamental principles of the game.

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  1. If you don’t hate physics and do love golf, buy this. So I once went on a golf forum and asked if anyone knew whether if the club was accerating when it hit the ball it imparted more velocity then if the acceleration had peaked. The answer was, “I just hit ’em, find ’em, and hit ’em again.”. i.e. physics questions not wanted here. But physics is what determines whether the ball goes straight and far. Period. Well, if you like physics, or even if you just don’t mind it too much, this book will help your game. Now much of it is very…