The Secret Golf Swing Move No One Talks About – Righty

A secret golf swing move that no one is talking about, discovered by Sal Martignetti – Golf Instructor with
Righty Version

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  1. Very well said. Over 90% of folks I see cast or come over the top. Important to have a good grip. Most are too weak. Thanks

  2. The secret move that every expert talks about. I've got it figured out now, this is what I've been missing. I'm taking this to the US open qualifier…hahahahaha
    Another sexual intellectual aka fucking know it all

  3. Very good explanation. The point about the connection between target foot and initiating the downswing is especially enlightening. Thank you.

  4. While that is fabulous advice, I certainly cannot say no one talks about it. It's been talked about for over 60 years. I'm sure you have read Ben Hogans book, this is Exactly what he proposes.

  5. All this assumes that you have the proper grip on the club……Everything you've talked about in this video will be cured, and/or come naturally with the correct grip, and specifically, proper grip pressure…..Yet, I almost never hear golf instructors speak about the finer points of the grip, and how it relates to proper swing mechanics………

    I mean, which fingers in the grip activate certain muscle groups that are beneficial to a great golf swing?……Which muscles groups need the activated, and which muscle groups need to be passive?…..

    I already know the answers to these questions…However, I'm not convinced most instructors even understand the concept.

    I can clearly see that your right Thumb and Forefinger are NOT on the club, which allows you to swing naturally, and effortlessly…..Isn't that the real "Secret" of releasing the club properly through impact?…Isn't that the Secret to proper, effortless, natural swing mechanics?

  6. That is a profound secret. Excellent – because it's just there, simple, but difficult. Difficult as it emphasizes, brings in, the counter intuitive part and feel and inclination to swing the club with the arms and hands rather than with the torso, the proportionate, match weight, as you say, the change movement, and gravity sweep through and release. Thanks for putting this up, and putting it the way you did. That's a great tip for me. Superb.

  7. I liked it. solid advice. it's not golf weather here in Michigan but I think it will guide me to a better swing. THANK YOU.

  8. Thanks Sal. For those of us that struggle with the golf swing, these simply and smart concepts are helpful.

  9. Nonsense.  You didn't move your foot, just your knee. Oh, and everyone talks about the hip bump.

  10. How true, Sal. Mega IMPORTANT. One's torso directs the swing TO the top (or wind-up) and the LOWER body initiates / dictates the downswing. The swing works from the ground, UP in regards to the downswing. If you do what Sal shares here, then you will NOT have to worry about an early release, nor a wayward swing plane IF you keep your spine angle.

  11. ahh yes and now all you over the toppers are cured but get so far infront with hips its push and pull time.

  12. Freddie Couples does exactly this with one exception: as he approaches the ball for contact, he continues his release down the TARGET line before the natural momentum of the club brings him around and does not swing around immediately after impact as a lot of instructors on YouTube are trying to get people to do by swinging to the left.

  13. You have right to express yourself as you see fit ! But leave Moe Norman's name out if it ! You are as far away from his swing as night and day !