The “Secret” to a Pro Golf Swing, Shallow the Shaft in Transition

The “Secret” to a Pro Golf Swing, Shallow the Shaft in Transition…

This video explains what you have likely never see before or have just not clearly understood, which is why most amateurs are missing this vital part of the golf swing. It will also give you a simple drill to understand and add this to your swing. Just like the Pro Golfers you will be able to swing really fast and still square the clubface at impact, leading to improved ball striking and vastly more consistent golf.

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  1. Any explanation why we should do this shallowing? How about making the upswing exactly at the same plane of downswing so we don't need any shallowing? Thanks.

  2. A really great video. Love the fact that the drill is both simple yet very specific.Β And that the training aid is easy to make by yourself doesn't hurt either. Thanks!

  3. this is practically best lesson for shallowing the club and I used to practice this drill. by the way which length is often hit there.

  4. To me the key move as you have so well explained is to get that stick closer to forearm, for the first time ever I could shallow the shaft …thank you

  5. Dear Maggs. Thanks for your Videos. I really like the Video you made about the Back Swing. The explanation with: Put your Shaft on Top of your Thumb. Great. Love it. That made my Back-Swing a No-Brainer. So simple.

    But my Downswing…. This video is very nice. But can you give me, and the Community, something like the Back-Swing and Over-The-Thumb-Thing for Downswing… The Point for me is I have to feel it without gerat thinking about what to do. With Stick down at the bottom and a feeling of shallow the Shaft a little bit makes it hard to feel it correct for me…

    Is there something like over-the-top-of-your-thumb for downswing? That what help a lot I think :-).

  6. i am in agreement with the shallowing concept. Check out any of Wayne DeFrancesco's stuff for another credible source. And PS, a little backswing / downswing lowering too!

  7. if you look closely the club head really doesn't get behind the hands he makes a good move on the ball. he's staying on plane

  8. Would the feeling be .. hands moving towards ball or covering ball ? That's how it feels to me ? Like I'm hitting so far right field however upper body still rotates & I finish left , I've been a flipper for years with shaft at impact very upright – so this feels very different…. however when I strike it well it does feel I'm hitting out to the right ?

  9. Would this concept still apply for somebody with a relatively strong girp? Or would that move just cause a massive hook?

  10. Plz explain how to arrive at the shallowing position. Is the move initiated with the hands or by the lower body? Thanks! Great video btw

  11. Now here's one item I don't think you mentioned. Your head drops lower because like many pros, you drop lower before impact. For some it is an increase in knee bend, for others their overall body drops…and then through impact it straightens… the left leg extends, pushing against the ground to produce more whip of the clubhead. Does this make sense?
    If you draw a line at the top of your head, it will prove this… your head lowers because your body lowers coming into impact… in fact most pros do this.

  12. It works aftr a few clunkers. I got the shallow working with my wedge. Hope it works with the rest of my clubs

  13. Maggs, watching your Trackman in the second vid seems to show that you take the club to the inside not straight up as you did in the first intro of shallowing out the club. Do you see that also? Trying to follow you but difficult. Thanks