The secret to lag in the golf swing. In this weeks Impact Show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy talk about the reasons why golfers struggle with “Lag”.

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  1. could you please do a video on how to build a constant swing and my swing seems to look different every shot even though it doesn't feel as though I am changing anything. Thanks

  2. Thanks for a great video! Do you also want to work with this "active" closing of the clubface with a driver or wood the same way as the irons?

  3. great video guys. I am keeping lag back down till get to the trailing leg but then flipping at it instead of following through.. any suggestions

  4. I shot my first round in the 60's in a long while this past weekend, thanks in part to your videos. In particular, Andy's tips on chipping and pitching has really helped my short game. Taking my wrists out of the stroke and using more of a sweeping action has made chipping so much easier and more consistent. Thanks for all the videos, guys. I really appreciate the help and entertainment you provide. Cheers from Arizona.

  5. I get a sore right elbow after playing a lot of golf. What I'm I doing wrong? Swinging to much with my arms and not my body?

  6. Using your tips has really helped me in my game . Just wanted to say thanks ! Had my best 9 hole ever yesterday with 2 over par !

  7. Played the jack Nicklaus course at carden park yesterday, shot 16 over which is 1 under my handicap . Would highly recommend it for any player!

  8. great video again as always. would you consider doing a video on how to avoid slicing the ball.

  9. Andy, Piers, great piece of information there. Just one question: how do you hold the lag during the downswing? Obviously we have a multiple hundred grads of weight at the end of a stick that gains centrifugal force during the motion of the downswing. Very easy to hold against with wedges, very hard with the driver. Do you actively hold against that with your wrist, or how are we making sure we only release the club head within the last third of the downswing? Thanks mates

  10. Thanks for the great video guys! This is exactly what I'm working on at the minute. However, turning the club through impact has been leading to a lot of shots far left. Will this improve with more practice or am I turning the club too far? Cheers!

  11. How can I avoid over-closing the face through the ball? 10% of my shots go well left because my club face is pointing well left on impact with the ball.