The Secret to the 1st Position in a Vertical Golf Swing

Hey Gang!
This week we explore the proper tilt in Position #1 and a great little drill that helps us get there every time! Most golfers whether they are right handed or left handed, tilt towards the target in their set up position (position #1). If you are one of these people, an easy way to check yourself is to look in the mirror after you take your set up. If your shoulders look level to the ground, then you are leaning too much toward the target or front foot. Remember, our spine should point away from the target when we set up to the ball. This position allows us to simply lift our arms and club on the backswing with little to no rotation and lets us swing the club more vertical. Our head should be behind the ball and the amount depends on your ball position and the club that you are hitting.

The drill that I have learned to use to help me and my students get in the correct position is really simple! When you set up to hit your shot, simply lift your forward heel off the ground and this will tilt your upper body and head more to your back foot. From here, just place your heel back on the ground and leave your body in the same position. Now look in the mirror and you should see your head more behind the ball and your spine tilting away from the target.

This is a great drill that will help you learn the proper positioning in position #1. I hope this is helpful! Keep the faith and play to your potential!

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  1. Dave, love getting the videos… when are you coming back to Northern California/Central California for a lesson? 

  2. I've been trying to switch over to an upright golf swing and I have watched several U-Tube instructors for tips. I have also read Jim Hardy's book on one and two plane golf swings. I was a one planer for many years. I played well but I am older and my bak can not stand the kind of tork necessary in a one plane swing. I switched back to a 2 plane swing, more upright, which I learned as a young man but switched in my late 20s. I am enjoying the game more and I have got some yardage back. The nice part is the swing does not hurt like it used to. My wife says I look like I am not swinging very hard, but the ball is going farther. I also like the spin I put on the ball, with a more V-shaped swing. All in all the swing is working for me and I like the way you teach it. Very straight forward, without a lot of complicated mumbo jumbo.
    Gale B. Rauschenberger

  3. I think the S2S method has some good things going for it but perhaps the name can be changed to something more applicable.  After having tried to use a more rotational swing I think a more vertical swing seems to make more sense, and anyone who has ever had problems with the left arm getting too deep, right elbow flying and getting trapped in the downswing might understand that. I find that with a more vertical backswing there is more effortless power and better contact and accuracy in general, and also believe that it is easier on the body,.  While I don't use all of PPGS fundamentals, I think the concept is very good.

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  5. Interested in the vertical swing (as I have tried everything else!!). Do the arms lift or rotate up in the backswing?

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