The Sweet Spot. Great Golf Starts Here. Three Essential Keys to Consistency, Control and Power. (EvoSwing Golf Instruction Series)

Simple, Unique, Powerful.

The Sweet Spot takes all the complex concepts of the golf swing and reduces them to Three Essential Keys that you can easily adapt to your swing to produce great shots and hit more targets.
Simple Concepts…The club face is the only direct influence on the golf ball. The Sweet Spot shows you the only three things you need to do to control your ball flight.
Unique Visuals…A clear picture is the first step in making effective change. The Sweet Spot photos give you the complete visual reference for great golf shots.
Powerful Training Exercises…Accurate practice is the next key to achieving your swing goals. The Sweet Spot Swing Grooving drills will guarantee your practice helps you to change quickly and easily to maximize consistency, control and power.
Minimum Change…Maximum Results
Finding the Sweet Spot is the fastest route to your golfing goals.

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