“The SwingTip” Golf Swing Plane Trainer and Alignment System. Swing “on plane” Lose those fat or thin approach shots! Free Shipping!

The SwingTip Tm Plane and Alignment System is something I always keep in my bag. It promotes solid fundamentals that instructors have been preaching for decades. I invented it and I use it because it works. No embarrassing contraptions to drag to the range or wear. Most people won’t even notice anything except the good shots you will start hitting. Swinging the golf club on plane has completely changed my game. Give it a try, I think you’ll like your new Golf Swing! check youtube video! search The Swing Tip by golfnsticks.

Product Features

  • Fix Your Swing Plane With The SwingTip Tm Swing Plane Finder.
  • Learn Proper alignment with these Fiberglass Alignment Rods (2-40″ ALIGNMENT RODS YELLOW)
  • The combination of The Swing Tip Tm and The alignment rods work far better when used together. Help your short game, long game, and putting. You will see a difference after the first few times on the range. Once you get the feeling of swinging on plane it just clicks.
  • Stop hitting those fat and thin iron shots. (there is nothing worse than hitting a bad approach shot after a good drive.)
  • Get on plane! and FREE USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! Instructional video on youtube. search: The Swing Tip by Golfnsticks

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