These were picked by my audience. Over 8,500 people voted for these drivers and in this video I reveal your favourite HYBRIDS of 2017.

Cobra F7 15.52% 1345
TaylorMade M2 2017 13.57% 1176
Ping G400 11.81% 1023
Titleist 818H1 10.98% 951
Titleist 818H2 9.36% 811
TaylorMade M1 2017 7.31% 633
Callaway Apex 7.26% 629
Mizuno CLK 5.98% 518
OTHER 5.26% 456
Callaway GBB EPIC 5.22% 452
Callaway Steelhead XR 4.45% 386
Srixon Z H65 1.30% 113
Wilson Staff D300 0.66% 57
PXG 0317X 0.59% 51
PXG 0317 0.42% 36
Benross HTX Compressor 0.20% 17
Benross HTX Compressor Type R 0.13% 11


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  1. I bought the F7 a year ago and it's a fabulous club out of any lie, rough or tie lies and the rails keep the club from digging in and get the club to "bounce" off the turf for consistent contact . I can work the ball both ways and it's great of the tee as well on par 3's. Now I just have to get my hands on the F7 fairway

  2. You making the golf digest hot list redundant Rick 😂
    Finally a list we can all trust

  3. TaylorMade and Cobra are killing it through the first 3 videos. Looking forward to seeing who takes golf in the irons category! #TeamMizuno

  4. I'm rocking the TaylorMade aero burner at the moment but I defo think im going to replace for this.👍

  5. Great video rick. When I tried the f7 I found that is had an amazing flight and was very easy to hit. I also tried the m2. It wasn't quite as consistent as the f7 but personally I gained an extra 20 yards with the m2 at the same loft. How do you feel about the ranking this year? Can you make a video where you discuss your thoughts.

  6. The f7 is amazing. It literally saves me a club in the bag, as I have the 3-4 hybrid and can adjust it depending on the shot

  7. YES! Love my f7 hybrid.  It's the best sounding, best feeling hybrid  I've ever hit.  I'm actually trying to find the 2-3 hybrid to add to my bag.  Rick, if you have one laying around your not using………….give me a shout!

  8. I love it The hybrids from cobra are truly amazing I personally play the m2 but I tried them both and it is truly a great hybrid. Great feel and sound looks is what did it for myself but really good list this one!

  9. Well it’s a bias list as majority of golfers most likely only hit about 4 different brands of club. Titliest, Callaway, Ping, cobra, Taylormade. The title should be most popular clubs. Great channel though Rick keep it up.

  10. Hi Rick i have a Krank formula 7 driver,Wood and hybrid. I think people need it now a real review !!!

  11. Mizuno CLK is a beast. Sits flat flies forever. Total sleeper as far as I'm concern. It's a matter of time before the word gets out.

  12. Wow! Thanks for using my comment about the F7, Rick. It has, truly, helped my game!

  13. So I got a Callaway big bertha fusion 3 wood and the Callaway big bertha OS hybrid and Im also looking to buy the Epic driver. The problem is that I'm kinda short and whenever I buy clubs they are too long. Should I get them cut down?

  14. I never liked hitting a hybrid but watched your review on the F7 baffler and took a £160 punt on it. Wow! The confidence I have on my second shot on a par 5 is out of this world. Great club and great reviews Rick. Keep up the good work

  15. The argument could be made that Titleist actually won this poll with nearly 20% of the vote split between the H1 & the H2!

    I’m surprised Rick didn’t even mention them as that constitutes a huge slice of the vote!

  16. I almost went F7 but ended up getting a really good price on a Callaway Big Bertha OS (basically the same price as an F7).