The True Role of the Golf Shaft

Golf – In this video we look to dispel common myths about golf shafts on both ends of the spectrum – revealing the actual purpose of the shaft in relation to launch conditions and swing characteristics. Can you significantly change your ball flight just by changing the shaft? Can you reduce a slice or a hook? All questions we hope to answer with this video and future segments to come.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Best channel on YouTube. Got new irons today and I knew so much more as far as what questions to ask. The numbers on the screen (ball velocity, dynamic loft, etc.) also meant a lot more to me than before I found this channel. Thanks for making me better educated on this stuff. I wish I lived close enough to come to you guys for this stuff.

  2. Another great video guys, quick question I hope you don’t mind me asking – im high spin and pretty high flight and I was fitted in to a set of P790 which out on the course I am hitting insanely high and spinning a lot – have you found this fitting this head? Thanks

  3. You and Mark both are totally valid and honest in your methods And I test a ton of flex’s and shafts to the extreme And a good feel player will adjust to anything and results never cease to amaze me Bill windsor🇨🇦

  4. I would definitely enjoy a video on Torque.. I've always played a stiffer shaft with low torque (currently 2.3). I don't really like to feel much load or maybe "deflection" is what I'm sensing, but my question is: am I losing out on extra distance by avoiding that? Swing speed hangs out around 115-117 and I'm definitely more of a quick tempo from the top.

  5. The over swing and matsuyama pause have gone matty! Shorter back swing and not as much of a pause.
    I have found between the 3 shafts i have played with in my current driver head they have given me 3 different strike points, I'm assuming based on their profile. Hzrdus yellow 70x gave me srike pattern lower in the face, rogue silver 70x more central and atmos black 70tx higher in the face. When i hit them all from the centre, they do the same thing, its just that they trend to different areas of thr face as a whole.
    I'm going to take a guess that hzrdus yellow being counterbalanced and soft mid section is deflecting more, rogue silver has more of a sofer butt section and i think the profile fits well and the atmos feels stiffer all over and probably deflects the least out of those, or the slightly stiffer feeling is causing me to drag the handle forward more. All of which with a bit of time, i could change myself to play it.
    I could be way off there haha

  6. Great explanation to the shafts role in the club. What would be the head characteristics of a titleist 915 d3 9.5 head?

  7. You guys are awesome, thank you for the time and effort put into all your videos.. the content and the way you discuss this is second to none 😉🏌️⛳️🍻

  8. One curious thing about Marks video test was the difference in shot dispersion between the 2 shafts. They mostly covered the shot characteristics like spin and ball speed but ignored the pattern. The shot pattern on the ladies shaft was a third of the size. That's very significant but it was ignored. The test golfer could have upped the loft on his driver and gamed it. He didn't like the feel of it but I would sure learn to love doing stripe shows in the fairway all day. Great job as always guys!

  9. Loved the video. TXG and Crossfield possibly collaborating? For me, that's YouTube Golf Nirvana. I do have an idea for a possible future video. I'm not sure if Matt's swing speed would be capable, yet it would be a real challenge. Yet let's say Matt came to you complaining of pain in his hands, elbows, and shoulders when he hit's his irons and wedges. Something I struggle on and off with quite often. Is it possible to fit a stronger player for graphite or steel fiber in order to reduce shock, hopefully reducing some of the pain when one plays. I have owned a set of Callaways in the past that were fitted with UST shafts, and have to admit, it did help the pain a lot. Yet I had trouble controlling shot direction. So I went back to lighter steel, and the pain has returned. I am only 42 years of age, yet have always had physically demanding jobs that tend to beat me up to some degree. I have no intentions of giving up on the game of golf due to the pain, yet if there was an option that would help ease the pain, and give some control over the ball, it would sure make the game more enjoyable. And what is the difference between Steel Fiber and Graphite? Keep up the amazing work!! Cheers @Golfingjamie in California

  10. With all of this in mind, do you feel shaft effects are consistent across Drivers and Irons? Will results of shaft difference be the same as what you just saw in Matt's driver? What are your thoughts on the Mizuno shaft optimizer?

  11. I just paused this at 5:15. When I got fit for my I200 irons, the shaft definitely changed strike location. With the AWT 2.0 shaft Regular flex was out on the toe, Stiff was on the heel (or possibly vice versa), Stiff Regular in between the other two(Japan Spec) was centre of the face. I also saw this with other flexes on the shafts Ping offer.

  12. Very deffensive post gents, usually enjoy your vids. Marks point was more regarding the 12 handicappers who swing at 95-100 thinking an aftermarket with a soft/strong tip will make them a 6 or 18 handicapper depending on choice. Watching a 118 clubhead speed is not helping us understand what you describe the TRUE effect of a shaft is.

  13. It comes down to priorities to me. If you have limited financial resources will you get better results from more lessons or a after market shaft? The former personally.

  14. Do the Professionals care about shaft differences, yeah of course. End of argument, this is how they make their living.