The Truth About Early Extension in the Golf Swing

Early extension is not a swing fault. It’s actually a solution to some other problem. You don’t fix early extension by trying to stay in your posture. Watch this video for a full explanation of this problem.

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  1. So if I have early extension, I have a swing fault, but it's not the early extending, it's another flaw and extending is my recovery method? Makes sense to me. Now I just need to figure out what I'm recovering from haha.

  2. Most teachers/people can't tell the difference between the cause and the effect. Nice video Monte.

  3. Brilliant….I've got something somewhat similar to EE – not quite, but the effect is the same…the right arm straightens out early and the right shoulder is high. I've pulled my hair out trying to find the root cause of it.

  4. I've come from a stack and tilt type swing and went to a Foley swing focusing a ton on staying centered in the backswing and moving hard to my left side. I believe by watching this video, I most likely have the sliding version of this EE compensation. I'll try and focus on being more rotational vs lateral (once the snow melts) and see where I go from there. Appreciate your thoughts and info!

  5. Great stuff! I am amazed how our brains are so quick in determining that we are out of room and know that we have to extend up to hit the ball. We can swing like this for years and not realize that we are doing this.