THE WORST GOLF DRILLS EVER, Mark Crossfield talks about golf tips and how they are delivered for golfers to actually improve. Simple ideas delivered for all golfers looking to hit better golf shots. Let me Mark know what your favourite drill is that has helped your golf swing.

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  1. Hey Mark. I finally started taking weekly lessons. For me, the best thing Ive learnt in lessons isn't the drills themselves, nor the great feedback (video and verbal) I'm getting, it's being taught what a good swing should feel/look like, and what my body is doing differently.

    From that feedback, having a preshot routine with the same 2-3 simple swing thoughts in mind for each and every swing on the range (and not waivering after a bad strike), then using those same swing thoughts on the course has made my ball strking, confidence and consistency much better! 90% of the time I can automatically attribute a bad strike to not respecting one of the swing thoughts, which makes on course misses much more manageable.

    In the age of quick fixes and cure-all tips, chosing a fundamental to master and sticking too it has proven to be the quickest path to a better game.

  2. Hi Mark, great videos! I'm working on a simple drill where I hit balls 2-3 inches outside my left foot (RH golfer) to get a feeling of shifting my weight onto my left at impact seems to work and I tend to top the ball less since doing this. I guess I lean somewhat back (stay neutral) at impact so this makes me distribute my weight better.

  3. Swing back to 7 and through to 11 if you were standing on a clockface, literally my only swing thought.✌🏼

  4. Best drill for me is swinging the club at waist height to “feel” where the club overtakes the hands; and then doing the same at address. Given to me by my pro in a lesson to fix face control issues..

  5. This game is made harder by all these drills than the game actually is to play , keep it simple and natural ..

  6. "Cast No turn" with Monte.
    Everything moves faster. I actually start from the ground and up and have a good turn. The is actually a drill that is totally opposite lag 😊

  7. – @ 3:43, 7:33 and

    @ 3:11, 7:34. These drills have dramatically changed my understanding of my swing. I've tried lessons (in the middle of a 5 pack with a new pro) and lot's of self discovery. I kept focusing on my backswing/takeaway to sort out standing the shaft/angles and it's the transition move/backswing that kept me outside – in. There's another vlog with a drill using a bucket that demonstrates wrist hinge at the top and i can't find it! If anyone has the link, please post. Great work, Parfield. Thank you.

  8. Hiya Mark got to ask you where was it you said Devon is stunning? I'm Originaly from Torquay it's buging me cas I don't recognise where you were lol cheers Brah

  9. On the dog question: DOGS TERRIFY ME! Always have. I would never play a course that permitted dogs – or even tolerated dogs – on the course. That issue aside, I have made many of the same observations on drills that you have, and come to similar conclusions. It's always a treat to have a respected expert confirm the validity of some of my own unpopular ideas. Don't stop.

  10. Tiger missed the cut because he's done as a professional, but seems intent on adding a nice patina to his sterling career.