The Wrong Side of the Ball: My Fun and Frustrating Search for a Better Swing through Left-handed Golf

Little did the world know that so many so-called “left-handed” golf champions are natural righties – and vice-versa – until now. In The Wrong Side of the Ball, lifelong right-handed golfer Mike Zimmerman explores this phenomenon by taking up left-handed golf himself – and begins an unforgettable personal journey. “The Wrong Side of the Ball is a terrific golf book that begins as a seemingly impossible quest and ends by reminding you what the game of golf is all about.” Josh Karp, Author, Straight Down the Middle and Orson Welles’s Last Movie “Carl Unis, a Wisconsin golf legend and one of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever known, adds a lot to this book. It’s not only a great story, it might just make you a better golfer!” Tom Pipines, Sports Director, WITI FOX6 Milwaukee “The ‘wrong’ side of the ball happens to be the right side of the ball in golf. No matter from which side you play, I think you’ll find this book entertaining and informative.” Sir Bob Charles, 1963 British Open Champion Author, Left-handed Golf

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