These JUMP Tests Determine your best Golf Swing W/ Dr. Scott Lynn

Head researcher for Swing Catalyst, Dr. Scott K. Lynn uses these three jumping test to determine HOW LONG your backswing should be and which leg you should post around.

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  1. I taught golf for 30 years and it takes a pro if they ever do a very long time to be able to assess this sort of thing in students. Cookie cutter golf swing teaching is the bane of instruction. I was fascinated by this and I wish I had had it!

  2. I like how the guy has all this high tech gear and software but hitting bay is about as hillbilly as you can get😂

  3. You just hit on the exact foot and swing thought I've been working on for the past two months. I had lost 15 yards over the past two years because of bad ideas about the swing and ball contact. in January I decided to really focus on what some pro's have been saying (GG, Whitaker, chuck and now your latest video's) have been saying about the swing and where speed comes from.

    Suddenly I'm able to feel like I'm not swinging from the top and the club is dropping into the slot better and contact is MUCH better than it had been. Thanks for the videos!