This is Hickory Golf

They had to come up with their own set of rules, USGA rules didn’t apply. Learn about the Hickory Golf movement, get a peak inside a Hickory Golf tournament and learn why these clubs still actually perform. Cool Clubs gives us a look behind the curtain in this segment inside episode 5 of Breaking Par.

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  1. That old driver is old but not 100 years. Seems to be from the 30thies or 40thies even if the shaft is older and real hickory.

  2. The new driver is 3 or 4 inches longer and that is why it hits a bit further. Why they keep comparing old to new with that big of a difference in shaft length is obvious. They want to keep the impression that new is worth paying $500 for one club. Well, it isn't. I buy older clubs, refinish them and I have a great set of 14 clubs for about $30. But then, people just love to throw their money away for "status".

  3. Tad Moore clubs are not 100 year old clubs, they are somewhat styled after some but are designed and built with modern technology which makes them more consistent and easier to score with. You should have tested a real 100 year old club.

  4. Recently bought a mizuno Black turbo II driver i love it. I game it every round now. Not as old as those clubs but still old school

  5. I LOVE THIS so much. I wish we had this here in Canada, I would totally do this. Need to try some Tad Moore clubs ASAP, he's awesome.